National parks and reserves


Closing Ranger, protecting Kakadu

The Ranger uranium mine, which has operated since 1980, is surrounded by the dual World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. This report reviews the 2020 Ranger Mine Closure Plan and finds the objective that a rehabilitated site be incorporated into Kakadu National Park is being...

Draft Joint Management Plan for Barmah National Park

The purpose of the Joint Management Plan is to set the strategic direction for the joint management of Barmah National Park and to enable the knowledge and culture of the Yorta Yorta Nation to influence and be recognised in that management.
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Assessing the amenity value of forest ecosystem services: perspectives from the use of sustainable green spaces

Due to the fragility of forest ecosystems, developing forest recreational resources must consider sustainable ecological, economic, and social development, and reduce impacts from recreational activities. Diverse forests with different biodiversity could promote forest ecosystem services and resistance to the pressure of tourism development. Under such...

Central West Investigation: final report

The recommendations in this final report reflect the challenge of balancing the many and sometimes competing demands on the Central West forests, in the context of pressures of climate change and Victoria’s growing population.

Management of Commonwealth National Parks

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Director of National Parks’ management of Australia’s six Commonwealth national parks.
Discussion paper

Unlocking our great outdoors

This paper is part of TTF’s contribution to the debate around how to conserve our natural areas while also unlocking the economic benefits that can be delivered by nature-based tourism.
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Assessment of the economic value of recreation and tourism in Western Australia's national parks, marine parks and forests

This report provided ​the first assessment of the value of national parks, marine parks and forests for tourism and recreation in Western Australia.
Working paper

Beyond conceptual elegance: local participation and the 'model' Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve

This paper examines local engagement in management of both the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. It outlines the results of a baseline survey about attitudes, perception, activities and knowledge of the natural environment of people living in western side of the Fitzgerald biosphere...
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Governance of national parks at the crossroads: New Zealand’s silent reform

New Zealand’s national parks are major attractions for tourism and recreation, while hosting other commercial activities considered compatible with that primary role, like grazing, commercial filming and renewable electricity production. Commercial activities can only be carried out according to the terms of legal documents referred...

New research supports 'green prescription' link between parks and major health benefits

Feeling stressed and unhealthy? There's growing evidence that taking a walk in a park might be better than popping a pill. New research to be released at the World Parks Congress in Sydney tonight highlights the health benefits of outdoor exercise in green spaces. The...