Violence against women

Alternate Term Label:
Violence against women and girls

Impact of COVID-19 on migrant and refugee women and children experiencing DFV

This report from Women's Safety NSW offers the experiences and professional observations of multicultural domestic and family violence specialists supporting hundreds of migrant and refugee women this critical time.
Briefing paper

Violence against women and mental health

This paper provides a synthesis of ANROWS’s research on violence against women and mental health, examining the way that mental health intersects with trauma, complex trauma, disability, coercive control, access to justice and parenting. It is is designed for policymakers and practitioners engaging with women...

Employees who use domestic and family violence: a workplace response

Leading Australian employers are set to tackle the confronting issue of employees who use domestic and family violence as part of nationwide efforts to end this endemic societal scourge. This resource recognises that any comprehensive workplace response to domestic and family violence must also include...

Path to safety: Western Australia’s strategy to reduce family and domestic violence 2020–2030

This initial two-year action plan, implemented between July 2020-June 2022, will include initiatives that respond to particular needs arising during the COVID-19 emergency response and recovery phases.

Path to safety: Western Australia’s strategy to reduce family and domestic violence 2020–2030

Family and domestic violence is devastating families and communities across Western Australia at alarming rates. This strategy document sets out a clear, whole-of-government and community plan for reducing and responding to this issue over the next decade.

Campaign for Action on Family Violence

This strategic document outlines the purpose and new direction of the Campaign for Action on Family Violence. It includes the new five-year strategy for the 'It’s not OK' campaign, as well as an outline, supporting rationale and proposed approach for a new campaign directed at...

Victims should be front and centre in the response to men using violence

In this essay, the author critiques some of the findings from the Sixth Report of the New Zealand Family Violence Death Review Committee and provides some recommendations for policymakers.

Pathways for change 2019-2023

This report presents a framework designed to help reduce family violence within the New Zealand Pasefika community.

E Tū Whānau mahere rautaki

This Mahere Rautaki (Framework for Change) outlines the overarching E Tū Whānau priorities for the next five years. It brings together the voices, aspirations and expertise and it builds on the many learnings from the past 10 years.

The prevalence of domestic violence among women during the COVID-19 pandemic

This paper presents the results of an online survey of 15,000 women aged 18 years and over. Respondents were asked about their experience of domestic violence in the last three months, as well as their experience of prior domestic violence. The aim was to measure...