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Returns to adult education and training in New Zealand

In this paper, the authors analyse the impact of adult education and training on labour market outcomes. Using the New Zealand Household Labour Force Survey linked to administrative education and earnings data, it is estimated that on average, studying for a tertiary qualification increases the...

National Centre of Indigenous Excellence: strategic plan 2018-2020

This strategic plan sets priorities and measures to ensure that National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) operations and services create a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can access opportunities to achieve excellence. This strategic plan sets out NCIE's priorities for 2018-2020 and...
Policy report

Financial incentives to promote adult learning in Australia

This report summarises the advantages and disadvantages with various financial incentives to promote adult learning based on international and Australian experience. Drawing from these insights, as well as analysis of individual and firm-level barriers, the report provides policy recommendations for how Australia could reform its...
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People from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds: an open access annotated bibliography

This second edition of an open access annotated bibliography has been curated by a collective of scholars who share an interest in the impacts of forced migration on people from refugee, asylum seeking and CALD migrant backgrounds. These resources are intended to be shared with...
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Community learnings through residential composting in apartment buildings

Communities need to engage in initiatives that tackle environmental sustainability issues. However, the lessons communities learn from these initiatives may go far beyond the initial local project.
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The need for a complexity informed active citizenship education program

This paper discusses a research project that aimed to determine and increase the impact of an active citizenship education program that incorporates education for sustainability principles.

Community education providers and Western Sydney regional economic development: expanding capacity and contributions

Community Colleges Australia has produced this report for the NSW Department of Industry, with the aim to ensure that the NSW government can use the capacity of Western Sydney not-for-profit community education providers to support that region’s economic development priorities.
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Language diversity in Indigenous Australia in the 21st century

This article explores Indigenous language diversity, examining its historical underpinnings and development, its implications for education and engagement in the wider community, and how Aboriginal people are using the new varieties to forge group identities.

OECD Skills Strategy 2019: skills to shape a better future

This document takes account of the skills implications of megatrends such as globalisation, digitalisation, population ageing, and migration. It incorporates new learning about skills policies that work in three broad components: developing relevant skills over the life course, using skills effectively in work and society...

The role and function of small VET providers

The number and type of providers delivering vocational education and training (VET) in Australia is almost as varied as the types of students they serve and the training they deliver. Given the number of small VET providers in the system, NCVER wanted to get a...