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Handbook for grassroots organisations helping people experiencing homelessness

This handbook is a framework for grassroots organisations to implement best practice approaches on standards, mandatory reporting, emergency and risk management planning and referral pathways to homelessness support agencies.

Valuing volunteers: better understanding the primary motives for volunteering in Australian emergency services

This thesis, the Valuing Volunteers Study, aims to provide a better understanding of the primary motives for formal volunteering in Australian emergency services, through the empirical examination of the shared and contrasting values of a sample of emergency service volunteers.

Beyond tools: building learning organisations to adapt to a changing climate

This project aimed to improve understanding of the adaptation capabilities and needs of three types of government service providers and funded agencies (catchment management authorities, community sector organisations and primary care partnerships).
Briefing paper

Adaptation planning for community service organisations and primary care partnerships

This policy brief is for Victorian State Government departments. It aims to inform state-level policy and programs that could support climate change adaptation (CCA) planning by community service organisations (CSOs) and primary care partnerships (PCPs).

'We know our lives are in danger': environment of fear in South Africa’s mining-affected communities

This report documents attacks and other forms of intimidation experienced by activists campaigning against mining activities in their communities. It covers activities in four provinces between 2013 and 2018.

Oxfam’s guide to feminist influencing

This guide was written for Oxfam staff. However, it is useful for anyone interested in learning more about how to apply feminist principles and practices to campaigning, policy, advocacy and influencing.
Working paper

From locally managed marine areas to Indigenous and community conserved oceans

The importance of the work carried out by local communities across the globe in coastal resources and fisheries management cannot be underestimated - and communities in the Pacific islands are no exception.

Community solar coming soon to a rooftop near you

Speakers: Chris Benedict, Gina Bocra - LEED AP, Priscilla Richards The Energy Code is an increasingly robust tool for improving energy efficiency in our buildings. This session will examine how far the existing code has come and identify the remaining barriers and limits. Speakers will...
Journal article

Direct impacts of an urban living lab from the participants’ perspective: Livewell Yarra

Urban living labs have emerged as transition arenas for undertaking process-oriented and reflexive experiments in the multi-stakeholder governance of sustainability. This paper evaluates Livewell Yarra, an urban living lab in Melbourne, Australia, that brought together academic researchers and community actors to engage in experiments for...

Funding opportunities for community groups

Members of Parliament regularly receive requests directly or through their electorate offices about funding opportunities for community groups. This Issues Backgrounder is designed to assist in responding to these requests.