Social justice


Faster, further, fairer: putting people at the heart of tackling the climate and nature emergency

This interim report of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission finds that to act with the ambition, and at the scale that the climate and nature emergency demands, requires a new approach. Central to the ethos of the commission is the recognition that there is an...
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Highway infrastructure: visions and challenges in the next decades

The challenges for smart highway implementation is waiting ahead. Issues related to technology acceptance, political will and policies, creativity and innovations, construction methods, ethics and changing in human values need to be discuss in depth.
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Accessing justice: police responses to domestic violence

This post presents the findings on the relationship between the women in the study and the police, including the reasons they did or did not seek police help.

The Australia we want: second report

The Community Council for Australia has been framing new policy platforms for the future of the Australian charities and not-for-profit sector over a period of years. The findings in this report describe progress against key indicators developed to reflect the core values of the Australia...

Policy initiative: Tackling racism and far right extremism

Stopping hate speech. In the wake of the Christchurch massacre we must act to stem the rising tide of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry in Australia. White supremacy and the emerging neo-nazi movement are taking a foothold right around the world, emboldened and encouraged by...

Policy initiative: Justice for First Nations peoples

Addressing Australia’s unfinished business: treaties, healing, justice & truth The Greens will work with First Nations peoples to introduce measures that support self-determination and recognise sovereignty. This includes the establishment of a body to enable treaty making and a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament. We...
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Redesigning pedagogy for boys and dance in physical education

Central to this paper are pedagogies for social justice and improved engagement of boys in dance within a school located in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage.
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A plan nobody hopes they will need: New Zealand and climate change migration

This article examines four key areas of concern that will have to be dealt with if an effective policy on climate change-induced migration is to be developed.

Inequality in Australia: a young person’s perspective

Understanding how issues affect young people starts with listening to them and hearing their perspectives. Many organisations and stakeholders try to work in the interests of young people without asking their views on the issues that affect them most. This report provides direct quotes from...
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Restoring Yarra: an experiment in linking restorative and deliberative practices to address urban contestation and social inequality

Contestation resulting from (and further embedding) spatial and social injustice in cities is one of the most intractable issues facing theorists and practitioners in contemporary cities. Approaching contestation via retributive, procedural or distributive justice lenses alone have led to different urban solutions but also failed...