Social justice

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Restoring Yarra: an experiment in linking restorative and deliberative practices to address urban contestation and social inequality

Contestation resulting from (and further embedding) spatial and social injustice in cities is one of the most intractable issues facing theorists and practitioners in contemporary cities. Approaching contestation via retributive, procedural or distributive justice lenses alone have led to different urban solutions but also failed...
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Extending the social justice mindset: implications for scholarly communication

In 2016, the Collections Directorate of the MIT Libraries convened a Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DISJ) Task Force to explore ways to manifest DISJ values in our daily work.
Working paper

Metropolitan planning and social justice strategies

This paper evaluates the implications for metropolitan planning of the social justice strategies launched since 1986 by the Cain, Bannon and Hawke Labor governments.

DWP Engagement Programme launch event: information sharing for better employment, health and social justice outcomes - findings report

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Engagement Programme launch event was held at Five Ways House, Birmingham on the 27th March 2017. Delivered by the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing (the Centre), the event marked the launch of a period of intensive engagement...

World social science report 2016

Inequality and social justice is the focus the 2016 World Social Science Report. It draws on the insights of over 100 social scientists and other thought leaders from all over the world, across various disciplines, to emphasize transformative responses to inequality at all levels, from...

Australia's social pulse

Building on existing Australian social statistics, Australia’s Social Pulse measures changes over time in key social indicators across a range of domains. It also uses statistical analysis to investigate associations between outcomes and community, household, and individual characteristics to provide an in-depth understanding of the...
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Social sustainability in Australian local government: commitment and accountability

With a dominant focus of economic rationality in development and management operations, interpretations of sustainable development have limited capacity to account for the contribution of social sustainability. This paper examines commitment to and accountability for social sustainability in Australian local government from the perspective of...

Immersed in the future: a roadmap of existing and emerging technology for career exploration

This roadmap highlights, in an accessible way, some existing and emerging digital technologies and their potential to create deeper and authentic learning opportunities in school and post-school education. Like all useful roadmaps, this report does two things. Firstly, it charts some broad directions in the...

The Australia we want: first report

The Australia We Want is the first ever benchmark of how Australia and each State and Territory is performing against values and goals prioritised by leaders from across the charities sector. These values include: just, fair, safe, inclusive, equality of opportunity, united, authentic, creative, confident...

Federation of Community Legal Centres (Vic) submission to the Victorian government access to justice review

The Federation welcomes the Victorian Government’s Access to Justice Review, and the opportunity to identify improvements that can be made at a state level to address the access to justice crisis. The Federation, along with many member CLCs, made substantial contributions to the Productivity Commission’s...