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Enhancing thermal comfort and indoor air quality in Australian school classrooms

This paper illustrates the outcome of a field study on air quality and ventilation conducted in secondary school classrooms in Sydney, Australia, during the school year in 2018/2019.

Engaging students: creating classrooms that improve learning

When students are engaged in class, they learn more. It is vital that teachers create the right classroom climate for learning: raising student expectations; developing a rapport with students; establishing routines; challenging students to participate and take risks. These all affect how much their students...

What works best in education: the politics of collaborative expertise

This report presents a series of tasks designed to reduce the problem of within-school variability by seeking out and scaling up teacher expertise. Introduction In a previous paper, What Doesn’t Work in Education: The Politics of Distraction, I argued that the aim of schooling is...

What doesn’t work in education: the politics of distraction

This report questions some of the key education reform policies pursued by governments in the last twenty years. Introduction In this report, the first of two linked papers on what doesn’t work in education, and then on what does, I describe the confused jargon and...
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Class size and academic results, with a focus on children from culturally, linguistically and economically disenfranchised communities

This review of 112 papers from 1979-2014 suggests that smaller class sizes in the first four years of school can have an important and lasting impact on student achievement, especially for children from culturally, linguistically and economically disenfranchised communities.
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Punish them or engage them? Teachers’ views on student behaviours in the classroom (1)

This report presents the initial findings from an ARC Linkage Grant, titled ‘Punish them or engage them? Identifying and addressing productive and unproductive student behaviours in South Australian schools’ (LP110100317), more commonly referred to as the Behaviour at School Study (BaSS). This phase of the...
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Evidence-based design in schools: classroom design and academic achievement

Provides a brief introduction to evidence-based design of classrooms.

Missing links: class size, discipline, inclusion and teacher quality

The Vinson Report on Public Education in NSW contains a wealth of information, and makes important points about schools, teachers and education in public schools throughout the state. The Report’s recommendation on class sizes has attracted more attention than any other. This is unfortunate because...