Policy report

Denmark as a new security actor in the Gulf of Guinea

After a decade of dedicated attention to Somali piracy in the Horn of Africa, the international community is focussing increasingly on the rising challenges of maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. This includes Denmark. Recent Danish engagement in maritime security in the Global south...
Discussion paper

New Zealand’s potential accession to International Maritime Organization treaty - MARPOL Annex VI: prevention of air pollution from ships

This consultation seeks views from the public and interested parties on whether New Zealand should sign up to an international treaty for the prevention of air emissions from ships.

The global maritime industry remains unprepared for future cybersecurity challenges

With around 50,000 ships at sea or in port at any one time, the maritime transport industry is highly exposed to cyberattacks. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) reacted quickly in introducing guidelines in response to terrorist attacks on shipping, but has arguably been slower in...

Inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities: final report

This inquiry examined import-export supply chains, inter/intra state supply chains, urban supply chains and supply chain integration, which included resource and agricultural freight and regional and remote freight.

Independent review of conditions for the export of sheep to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer

Dr Michael McCarthy was engaged by the Federal Agriculture and Water Resources Minister to advise on conditions and/or actions that would be required to assure health and welfare outcomes for sheep being transported to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer. The review was...
Policy report

Decarbonising maritime transport: Pathways to zero-carbon shipping by 2035

This report provides an updated baseline scenario for the development of emissions to 2035 and gives an overview of measures that can effectively reduce shipping emissions.
Working paper

The Sydney Harbour Trust: the early years

This paper evaluates the role of the Sydney Harbour Trust in the first decade of its existence. The Trust is notable for being one of the first public bodies created through a transfer of powers from local authorities to an ad hoc board in New...

Cost benefit analysis and economic impact analysis of the Kiribati Marine Training Centre

Kiribati is a country facing numerous economic, social, demographic and environmental challenges. It is a country with limited natural resources. Infertile soils, severely restricted land and water resources coupled with limited economic prospects renders Kiribati a developing nation. Kiribati’s population are geographically spread across 32...

Increasing use of so-called Flag of Convenience shipping in Australia: report

This report recommends that the Australian government undertake a comprehensive, whole-of-government review into the potential economic, security and environmental risks presented by flag of convenience vessels and foreign crews.
Discussion paper

Second container port advice - evidence base discussion paper

This discussion paper provides an overview of the evidence Infrastructure Victoria will consider in developing its advice to the Special Minister of State on when and where the Government should invest in new container port capacity for the State. This is not our advice to...