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Sex crimes

Sex offenders
Sex offences


Problem sexual behaviours and sexually abusive behaviours in Australian children and young people

This paper presents a review of available literature on problem sexual behaviours (PSBs) and sexually abusive behaviours (SABs) exhibited in Australian children and young people.
Discussion paper

Civil penalty regime for non-consensual sharing of intimate images: discussion paper

The Australian Government has released this discussion paper for consultation on the prohibition of the non-consensual sharing of intimate images.

​Does the Custody-based Intensive Treatment (CUBIT) program for sex offenders reduce re-offending?

Aim: To investigate whether completing the Custody-based Intensive Treatment (CUBIT) program for moderate to high risk/needs sex offenders reduces re-offending. Method: The study sample includes 386 male offenders identified by custodial staff as suitable for participation in CUBIT who were released from NSW custody during...
Journal article

The death of Jill Meagher: crime and punishment on social media

This paper aims to identify and analyse several predominant issues and discourses as they relate to the burgeoning interrelationship between social media, crime and victim. Abstract

Report on abuse at the Australian Defence Force Academy

This review assessed accounts of abuse at the Australian Defence Force Academy, and recommends a Royal Commission. Summary The Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (Taskforce) was established on 26 november 2012 as part of the Government’s response to the review conducted by law firm DLA piper...

Processes to support victims of abuse in Defence

This report recommends that the Australian Government extend the activities of the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce to support victims of abuse in Defence, including allowing new complainants to make claims up to 30 June 2015. Introduction On 27 March 2014, the Senate referred an inquiry...

Domestic, family and sexual violence in Australia: an overview of the issues

Provides an overview of research on the prevalence of domestic, family and sexual violence, at risk groups and the costs of violence against women to communities and to the economy. Introduction In 2013 the World Health Organization (WHO) published the first systematic international review on...

Parental sexual offending: managing risk through diversion

This report examines static and dynamic risk factors in an Australian sample of parental child sex offenders and the predictive strength of those factors regarding reoffending with or without a treatment intervention. Forward Public policy initiatives to manage parental child sexual offending have been hindered...

Historical review of sexual offence and child sexual abuse legislation in Australia: 1788–2013

Abstract: The report provides an overview of the socio-political factors and events that have influenced the development of Australia’s child sexual abuse legislation from 1788-2013. Key developments in relevant legislation during this period which are discussed in detail in the report include: the decriminalisation of...

Sexual revictimisation: individual, interpersonal and contextual factors

People who have been sexually abused as children are two to three times more likely to be sexually revictimised in adolescence and/or adulthood. This paper explores the complex array of variables related to sexual revictimisation. Abstract There is a complex array of variables related to...

Victim/survivor-focused justice responses and reforms to criminal court practice: implementation, current practice and future directions

Abstract: Reforms have been underway over the last three decades to address the disadvantages that victim/survivors of sexual assault face within the criminal justice system in Australia. Such reforms include expansion of advocate services, specialisation of police, alternative provisions for giving evidence at trial, and...

The exception that proves the rule: female sex offending and the gendered nature of sexual violence

This paper explores statistics about the prevalence of female sex offending and outlines the impacts on victims of sex offences by women, as well as issues related to disclosing the abuse. Introduction National and international victimisation data demonstrate that intimate forms of violence, such as...

Conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence: an introductory overview to support prevention and response efforts

With a focus on improving understanding, this paper is intended to support efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence in conflict zones. Executive summary: Sexual violence—often examined under the umbrella term ‘sexual and gender-based violence’—is widespread in conflict and post-conflict environments. It has been...

The long-term effects of child sexual abuse

This paper reviews recent Australian and international research on the long-term effects of child sexual abuse. It aims to assist practitioners and policy-makers who work with survivors of sexual abuse and their families to understand the significant findings from this large and sometimes complex body...

Mothers with a history of childhood sexual abuse: key issues for child protection practice and policy

This publication reviews the literature examining the impacts of a history of maternal childhood sexual abuse on parenting capacities and the impacts on children. It specifically examines the domains of mental health, intimate partner violence, substance abuse and homelessness and the overlap with a history...

Online child sexual abuse content: The development of a comprehensive, transferable international internet notice and takedown system

This report establishes the value of an international ‘notice and takedown’ system, through the examination of the legislative and regulatory approaches in eight countries. The report found that there is compelling evidence that the ‘notice and takedown’ system already used in some countries is effective...

"Time to get cracking": the challenge of developing best practice in Australian sexual assault prevention education

This paper discusses a number of challenges that programs are likely to face in the effort to formulate best practice in sexual assault prevention education. The discussion is based on findings from interviews conducted with 32 prevention educators and program writers during a research project...

Conceptualising the prevention of sexual assault and the role of education

The United Nations In-depth Study on all Forms of Violence Against Women: Report of the Secretary-General (2006) surveyed 71 countries and found that on average at least one woman in three is subjected to intimate partner violence in the course of her lifetime. Between 10%...

Study of reported child sexual abuse in the Anglican Church

The Anglican Church has released this report into past cases of child sex abuse within the church in Australia.