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Digital television


Discussion paper

Review of the anti-siphoning scheme: consultation paper

The Albanese Government committed to undertake a review of the television anti-siphoning scheme during the 2022 federal election campaign. This consultation paper initiates the review and sets out a range of issues associated with the regulation of sports coverage.

Regional Australia and the ABC: reforming the relationship

This paper was commissioned by the Page Research Centre in August 2021 to evaluate and analyse whether regional Australians are satisfied with, and believe they are getting full value from, the programmes and services of the Sydney-headquartered Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Regional commercial TV in Australia: challenges and opportunities

The aim of this report is to review the current situation of the regional television industry and analyse potential solutions to the challenges it faces. In summary, this report concludes that it is difficult to foresee ongoing viability for the regional commercial television industry on...
Working paper

Australian Television Drama Index, 1999-2019

This paper examines changes in the production and commissioning of Australian television drama from 1999–2019, a period marked by notable changes in the business of television in Australia and globally.

Taking free-to-air tv online in Australia: opportunities and challenges

This report addresses some of the issues associated with migrating free-to-air television to online delivery. The report is designed to enumerate the key technical, commercial and equity issues that would arise in the course of such a migration, providing insights and identifying problems that would...
Policy report

Digital Government Index: 2019 results

This paper presents the overall rankings, results and key policy messages of the 2019 OECD Digital Government Index (DGI) and provides a detailed analysis of the results for each of the dimensions of the OECD Digital Government Policy Framework.

Digital Media Research Centre submission to the Supporting Australian stories on our screens options paper

This submission to the Supporting Australian Stories on Our Screens options paper has been prepared by staff from the Digital Media Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology.

Governance of the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation

The objective of this audit was to examine the effectiveness of the governance arrangements for the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS).

Review of the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service: final report

Viewer Access Satellite Television Service (VAST) provides free-to-air commercial and national television services to around 500,000 Australian viewers in regional Australia. This final report of the 2018 VAST service review includes the key recommendation that the service should continue to be provided through the current...

2018 Regional telecommunications review

This review illustrated that there are compelling factors for significant additional capital investment in telecommunications infrastructure to maximise the economic opportunities and economy-wide benefits that are available for the people in regional, rural and remote Australia.
Discussion paper

Review of the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service: issues paper

This review will assess the performance of the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service and consider options on how best to provide free-to-air broadcasting services to viewers in areas without access to reliable terrestrial TV transmissions.

Changing views: Australian kids and commercial television

This report provides a detailed analysis of the television viewing behaviour of Australian children.

CBS takeover of Network Ten a defeat for Murdoch, Gordon

American broadcaster, CBS, has beaten out billionaires, Lachlan Murdoch and Bruce Gordon, to buy Network Ten.
Discussion paper

Australian and children’s screen content review - consultation paper

The objective of this review of Australian and children’s screen content is to provide policy options to government on the most effective support mechanisms for the Australian screen production sector.
Conference paper

Copyright in the connected digital world

I have worked for almost 25 years in the field of copyright and I have seen many changes in the area over the years. But the widespread use of the Internet for the exchange of creative content online is proving one of the greatest challenges...
Conference paper

Disruption revisited: Netflix, Apple TV, Google TV, Facebook TV

Historically, television and media content have generally been tied to specific distribution platforms or outlets. However, multiple new players and new forces are at work now driving significant changes. Four business models have been constructed in this paper, about current initiatives for Internet based television...
Discussion paper

Going digital: tracing the transition to digital terrestrial television in Australia

The transition from analogue to digital TV is seen by many as long overdue in a broadcast industry which has often failed to keep pace with revolutionary changes in the telecommunications and information services industries. • Television has been an important political and cultural force...
Discussion paper

ACCAN: Digital dividend green paper

The digital dividend is the Australian Government's opportunity to ensure that the benefits to individuals and the community outweigh the costs associated with the switchover to digital television. This submission by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network to the Department of Broadband, Communications and the...
Conference paper

Outside the box: Television 2018' project background, research questions, and critical uncertainties

In 2004 when this project was first planned, it had already been apparent for some time that what we knew as ‘television’ was undergoing substantial change. It was also apparent that a period of further and even greater transformation lay ahead. In Australia, as around...
Conference paper

2013 analog TV switchoff: What are the prospects?

A decade after the Australian Government decided to embark on the conversion of analog free-to-air television to digital transmission much remains to be done to achieve that goal. After the latest changes to the implementation program, analog switchoff is planned to occur progressively starting with...