Digital advertising services inquiry: interim report

This interim report examines the digital display advertising supply chain in Australia, which enables the near instantaneous delivery of $3.4 billion of digital display advertising opportunities on news, entertainment and other websites and apps each year.

Regulating in a digital world

There is a strong feeling from the British government that self-regulation by technology companies has failed. This report sets out a series of principles that would underpin a new approach to internet governance.

The ACCC's plan to reshape the media landscape

The ACCC has signalled its intention to work with the OECD and other international agencies to kickstart an international law-making effort to regulate Google, Facebook and their successors.

Digital Platforms Inquiry: preliminary report

This report outlines the ACCC's concerns regarding the market power held by Google and Facebook, including their impact on Australian businesses and, in particular, on the ability of media businesses to monetise their content.
Discussion paper

Contestability in public services - an alternative to outsourcing

The public don’t like monopolies. And they are suspicious of them in the public sector as well as the private sector. Sometimes there is no other way of organising the production and delivery of goods and services, but we all know from experience that monopolies...

Competition policy review

This is the first comprehensive review of Australia’s competition laws and policy in over 20 years. The National Competition Policy Review (The Hilmer Review) of 1993 underpinned the development of the National Competition Policy – a co-operative initiative of the Commonwealth and State and Territory...

Protecting small business from misuse of market power

Misuse of market power is both a legal and economic concept. Prohibitions on the misuse of market power are commonly found in anti-trust laws in a number of countries and the prohibition appears as section 46 in Australia's Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA). Using predatory...

Review of the competition provisions of the Trade Practices Act

On 15 October 2001, the Prime Minister announced that there would be an independent review of the competition provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974 and their administration. The Treasurer announced the terms of reference for the review and the membership of the review Committee...