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Mental health and wellbeing in music and live performing arts survey May 2022

This research project was initiated in response to Support Act's goals of establishing a baseline for the mental health and wellbeing of people working in the music and live performing arts sectors in 2022. The Centre for Social Impact was engaged to conduct this research...

Pandemic pressures: job security and customer relations for retail workers

This report offers insights into the challenges faced by retail, fast food and distribution workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and recent lockdowns. The focus is upon the impact on job security and worker-customer relations during the pandemic.

Australian Disability Employment Service outcomes in 2020: effects of COVID-19 restrictions

One important way Australians with disability are supported to find and retain a job is through a Disability Employment Service (DES). By tracking employment outcomes, month by month, through the pandemic, this report assesses how people with disability who use DESs were faring this year...

From workplace stress to workplace wellness: an assessment of the health and well-being of local government Chief Executive Officers in WA

Local government CEOs across the State of Western Australia are facing unprecedented levels of work-related stress. This report documents their previously hidden afflictions.
Journal article

Screening for burn-out in Australian medical students undertaking a rural clinical placement

This project investigated Australian medical student burn-out during rural clinical placement and examined the association between perceived burn-out and rural career intent at the time of finishing their rural placement.
Discussion paper

Tech for good: smoothing disruption, improving well-being

This discussion paper is part of ongoing research on the impact of technology on business and society and an attempt to understand both the positive and negative effects in more detail. It also examines and evaluates ways in which new and mostly digital and smart...

Perceptions of job security in Australia

Using data on Australian households over time, this article finds that workers' perceptions of their own job security have declined in recent years. These weaker job security perceptions have provided a small drag on wage growth.

The road to zero wealth: how the racial wealth divide is hollowing out America's middle class

This report looks at the racial wealth divide at the median over the next four and eight years, as well as to 2043, when America's population is predicted to become majority non-white.

Caring for our frontline child protection workforce

The aim of this paper is to offer some guidance to the management of child protection and related services by drawing on occupational health literature.

Independent work: choice, necessity and the gig economy

A full-time job with one employer has been considered the norm for decades, but increasingly, this fails to capture how a large share of the workforce makes a living. A narrow focus only on traditional jobs ignores tens of millions who put together their own...

Future working: the rise of Europe's independent professionals

By the beginning of 2013, five years since the onset of the recession, there had been a loss of around seven million jobs across the European Union. On average, one in ten people were left without work, with countries such as Spain and Greece facing...

Uber business model does not justify a new 'independent worker' category

There has been a continuing, strong debate about the size of the gig economy and the pay earned by gig economy workers—specifically as gig work scope and pay relates to Uber, the leading gig economy firm. The debate has been fueled by a number of...

2015 Wesley report: facing financial stress

Overview: This Wesley report sheds new light on the impact financial stress is having on individuals and families in New South Wales. While Australia has benefited from a strong economy since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), it seems the afterglow of the resources boom has...
Working paper

Creative occupations and subjective wellbeing

This report statistically examines whether being in a creative occupation is associated with higher levels of subjective wellbeing, once other factors that affect wellbeing are controlled for. Four different measures of subjective wellbeing (life satisfaction, worthwhileness, happiness and anxiety) from the UK’s Annual Population Survey...

The sources of time pressure: work, family and more

This article takes a look at who is experiencing time pressure, and also what reasons people give for that time pressure. Feelings of being rushed, stressed, harried or time pressured are prevalent across society, causing concern for how this experience of time impacts upon individuals'...

The effects of fly-in/fly-out commute arrangements and extended working hours on the stress, lifestyle, relationship and health characteristics of Western Australian mining employees and their partners

This project found that FIFO employees and partners were generally no more likely to have high stress levels, poor relationship quality or poor health behaviours than DC employees or community samples.
Conference paper

Labour market issues in Melbourne's north

Using the City of Whittlesea in Melbourne’s north as a case study, this paper presents background research on labour market change in Melbourne’s northern region.