The power of blogging

This week on the Media Report a special panel discussion on the power of blogging. Among the speakers are Hugh Martin, General Manager of APN Online Australia and Pippa Leary, from Fairfax Digital.

Blogging for social change in Papua New Guinea: a case study investigation of The Namorong Report

The media landscape in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has recently been undergoing a dramatic change. Greater access to mobile media technologies and expanding communications infrastructure are fundamentally altering the ways Papua New Guineans participate in personal and mass communications. A new social media culture is...
Conference paper

Cyberbullying: An emerging issue

Bullying is a common form of youth violence which historically affected young people whilst they were at school, travelling to and from school or in other public places. However, the actual physical presence between a bully and victim is no longer necessary for bullying to...
Conference paper

An exploration of the relationships between blogging practices, blogging motives and identity exploration

This study explored psychological aspects of the Internet practice of blogging, including blogging practices, blogging motives and engagement in identity exploration in emerging adulthood. Emerging adulthood is a theory of human development that proposes a new life stage between adolescence and adulthood stemming from recent...

The Open Innovation Programme: blog series

Introduction: Funded by the Cabinet Office, the Innovation in Giving Fund supports innovations that aim to get many more people involved in giving time, money, skills and resources to the causes they care about. Nesta set out to find and support the most exciting innovators...

Mapping the Arabic blogosphere: politics, culture and dissent

This report uses a unique methodology that blends link analysis, term frequency analysis, and human coding of individual blogs to investigate the online discussions taking place across the Middle East and North Africa. Internet & Democracy project director Bruce Etling and his team, with Morningside...

Blog, podcast, vodcast and Wiki copyright guide for Australia

This guide was developed by the Law Research Program of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) to examine and explain copyright issues which impact upon creators and users of blogs, podcasts, vodcasts and wikis in the Australian legal environment. In...

A taxonomy of blogs

"The word 'blog' doesn't really give one much of an idea about the content or nature of a given online site. In fact, author and freelance journalist, Margaret Simons, describes the term as 'manifestly inadequate', because it offers so little differentiation. She says there's now...
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A symbiotic relationship between journalists and bloggers

Journalists and bloggers have formed a relationship based not just on conflict and competition, but also on co-dependency, according to this paper. They battle one another, but they also have influenced each other's approaches to their shared task of news and information dissemination.