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Insights into architects’ future roles in off-site construction

Off-Site Manufacture and Construction (OSCM) is at the heart of the modern construction industry. This paper explores the traditional thinking patterns of architects in China and predicts possible future roles for them. We foresee a study approach that focuses on the order and rules for...
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Anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric values as the basis of the new sustainable paradigm in architecture

The economics and social items related to architecture are showing that the environmental conscience must be spread not only to market and economical diplomacy, but to education, participation, and ethics too. The approach then, is finally global, holistic and focused on values.
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Towards an evolutionary design in Lebanese vernacular dwellings

This paper promotes the integration of renewable energy resources into the fabric of the structures that formulate today’s buildings. It describes a project that promotes bioethics and urges awareness in the Lebanese construction industry to view buildings as organisms that enhance ecological health and enriches...

Design guide for small-scale local facilities

This design guide outlines a scheme for a new architectural model for youth justice facilities in Victoria. It aims to make good design principles concrete, so that the designs of future facilities might have the benefit of a best-practice evidence base.

Grand designs: consumer markets and home-making

This is the first academic book to examine the long running hit series Grand Designs, which occupies a significant place in the popular imagination internationally.
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Progressing precinct modelling on the UNSW campus and beyond: BIM/PIM and 3DGIS system architecture and visualisation

This report presents a way of structuring and visualising geospatial data and their corresponding semantics and metadata in a Precinct Information Model (PIM). The datasets obtained from UNSW Estate Management (EM) are used in this development. The study is completed through several steps involving pre-processing...
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Understanding the value generated by a co-creation approach to the built environment

Cities are increasingly being looked to for strategies to address climate change through fostering low-carbon living. This requires not only technological innovation, but also a program of behaviour change. A recent report by the World Economic Forum suggests that architects and other practitioners in the...

Paris? Melbourne? Public housing doesn’t just look the same, it’s part of the challenges refugees face

How public housing design can be reimagined to reflect the lives and experiences of its residents.
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The English firm of Llewelyn-Davies Weeks Forestier-Walker & Bor, formed in London in 1960, is best known for the master planning of the new town of Milton Keynes and for a series of hospital buildings and complexes, some so extensive that they can be analysed...
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Cranks, caves and campfires: Ellis Stones’ utopian vision for a suburban landscape architecture

The profession of landscape architecture in Australia started to take shape from 1966 under the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). Its emergence during a period of heightened environmental concern saw a range of disciplines unite with a mood of euphoria that was coupled with...