Public spaces

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Public open spaces
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No holds barred: policing and security in the public library

In this article, the author asserts that if libraries are to be safe places for patrons of all backgrounds, library workers in general must incorporate insights from other disciplines into their practice and begin to meaningfully address the complicated roles of police and security guards...
Journal article

Linking ideology, habitus and landscape: traditional and contemporary uses of gardens and parks in Iran

This article explores Persian garden history and philosophy, and the emergence of urban parks in Iran. It examines the evolution of cultural attitudes and their reflections in contemporary meanings, layout and use of parks.

Common goals, different approaches

As American communities face increasing levels of social and economic division, this report showcases how five U.S. cities are reimagining public spaces—parks, trails, plazas, libraries—to bring residents together and revive neglected neighborhoods.

Safety and public space: mapping metropolitan gender policies

This report maps policies, strategies and instruments used by metropolitan governments to foster safer public spaces, with particular reference to the safety of women and girls.
Annual Report

Global Public Space Programme – annual report 2018

UN-Habitat’s Global Public Space Programme, launched in 2012, is now active in more than 30 cities across the world. The programme’s objective is to promote public spaces as a keystone for sustainable cities to ensure a good quality of life for all. This is done...
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The social life of public space in theory and practice

Current behaviour is something that has its origins in history, and yet design normally places emphasis on innovation rather than learning from what works. Often the design of an urban space fails because reviewing and evaluating designed past design has been forgotten. The same mistakes...
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The emergence of collective dreams

This paper explores the nature of a landscape design and planning process that could ensure the resilience and sustainability of suburban public space, and presents an argument that:
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Temporary use 2.0: a tool for planning and developing the new urban context

Temporary urban spaces are gaining even more footing and acceptance on the political agenda as a result of their potential for creating eventful, cultural and creative urban environments. This political focus on temporary urban space is an indication of general urban regulations and development tendencies...
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Shaping moral landscapes: comparing the regulation of public memorials in democratic capitals

The planning and regulation of public memorials in a capital city significantly shape the representation of a nation’s identity and values, lending it both historical and conceptual grounding. The processes through which commemorative planning for a capital is conducted also reflect a nation’s democratic traditions...
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Representation of multiculturalism in urban green spaces

Rapid population influx due to migration in Australia has produced diverse cultural landscapes, which become visible in cities as physical forms, settings and symbols produced by different ethnic communities. Scholars have argued that people moving away from the country of their birth, whether this be...