Community-based family services

Working paper

Delivering evidence based services for all vulnerable families

This working paper provides a summary on the role of family services in promoting child well-being, and then reviews the policy issues at all levels of the family service delivery systems.

Managing support and safety hubs

This audit examines whether the initial support and safety hubs that have been established in communities throughout Victoria are providing effective and efficient service coordination by assessing how the department and Family Safety Victoria (FSV) plan the hubs, support hub operations and drive their continuous...

Applying for funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and family services

This resource is designed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous organisations to consider and adopt partnership -centred approaches when applying for funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and family support services.
Draft report

Expenditure on children in the Northern Territory: draft report

The number of children in the Northern Territory child protection system remains extremely high, despite $500 million per year being spent by the Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments. This draft report finds that a fundamental change in approach is needed to better coordinate funding decisions...

Veterans and families strategy

Incorporating the five themes of recognition, understanding, support, participation and commemoration, this strategy aims to guide the development and implementation of policies and initiatives to promote the wellbeing of Western Australia's veterans.

Better together: supporting perinatal and infant mental health services

This project maps how services in the cities of Wanneroo/Joondalup interact to enhance the quality of perinatal and infant mental health services. The project aims to improve the system's responsiveness to the social wellbeing and mental health needs of families with infants and young children...

One in 10 Aussie kids care for someone with a disability or drug dependence – they need help at school

While current policies may be making a positive difference for some carers, the results in a recent study show there are more young carers than support services available for them.

Partnering with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to deliver trusted services with stronger outcomes

This report is the product of roundtable events facilitated by WACOSS and the Noongar Family Safety and Wellbeing Council between April 2018 and May 2019, to build partnership between Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) and Community Service Organisations.

First to know, first to act

This research project explores the best ways for community service providers to identify and respond to women and children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness as a result of family violence, but who do not specifically identify themselves as such to service providers.
Journal article

"An exercise in careful diplomacy": talking about alcohol, drugs and family violence

This article will be useful to practitioners seeking to understand the sensitivities surrounding discussion of alcohol and drugs (AOD) in relation to domestic and family violence (DFV), and will assist them in navigating these sensitivities to improve service coordination and thus deliver better outcomes for...