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School choice



The state of schooling: state, state-integrated and private school performance in New Zealand

This report explores school effectiveness across state, state-integrated, and private schools, otherwise defined as school authority (or type).
Policy report

What do parents want from schools?

This paper provides an insight into parental perspectives of the current state of school choice and resourcing, based on a survey of Australian parents that reveals the areas of importance to them—and how they and their children could be better served by the education system.
Discussion paper

Separating scholars: how Australia abandons its struggling schools

Based on an analysis of end-of-school measures of student achievement from 1,600 schools in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, this paper concludes that Australia's school system is increasingly separating and dividing students by advantage and achievement.
Discussion paper

Institutionalised separation: the impact of selective schools

This discussion paper looks at inequity within selective schools and their impact on other schools. It presents evidence of dramatic, and deepening, educational inequality.

Science, policy and Partnership Schools

Is New Zealand’s Partnership School Kura Hourua scheme really a policy ‘shambles’?

Australian schools: the view from Mars

The Federal Government's competition review is disastrously wrong about education THE SUPPORT for more competition in schooling expressed this week by the Harper review of competition policy is so facile, and cast at such a high level of abstraction and in tones of faux reasonableness...

The war that doesn’t end

The kids call it “a shit school,” shorthand for their parents’ opinion of the local secondary school. These kids will go to a private, or a “good,” public school. Anywhere but their local secondary school, the one I call Pariah College. Pariah Colleges can crop...

Do schools influence student engagement in the high school years?

The report looks at whether school characteristics can influence the emotional and cognitive engagement of 15-year-olds with school. It finds that at age 15 school characteristics, such as school sector and demographics, resourcing, competition and academic orientation, school leadership and teacher quality, and overall school...

Comparing school systems across Australia

Speech by the PC's chairman, Gary Banks, to the ANZSOG conference, 'Schooling in the 21st Century: Unlocking Human Potential', 28 and 29 September 2005, Sydney. Released 28 September 2005