A 10 year national study of overseas born drowning deaths

This research report reveals that 27% of total drowning deaths over the past ten years involved people who were born overseas. This includes recent arrivals, long-term residents, overseas tourists, international students, and those in Australia for work purposes.

Royal Life Saving national drowning report 2017

This report examines the factors that contribute to drowning deaths in Australia by examining who, where, when and how people have drowned in Australian waterways over the last year.

Boating and watercraft drowning deaths: a 10 year analysis

This report shows that 473 people drowned in Australian waterways whilst participating in boating and watercraft activity over the past 10 years.

Drowning not waving: changing public health policy

Around 372,000 people drown each year, mostly children in low-income countries. So why has there been such a lack of attention paid to the problem? In journalism parlance, any story which includes the phrase ‘kids will die’ is a front-page splash. But when it comes...

Drowning deaths in Australian rivers, creeks and streams: a 10 year analysis

735 people drowned in Australian rivers, creeks and streams between 2002 and 2012. Rivers claimed more lives than any other aquatic location across the same period.

Child deaths – rural drowning

This paper examines the deaths of children in rural drowning incidents and the need to develop specific drowning prevention strategies for the unique environments of rural areas. Drowning prevention strategies need to address the geographical and social barriers of rural life, while maintaining a balance...
Briefing paper

Child deaths - driving in flood waters

During December 2010 and January 2011, Queensland was devastated by a series of natural disasters, with 78% of the state being declared a disaster zone. During this period, six children and young people died in association with floodwaters. Of those, four were in vehicles that...