Aggressiveness in children


Aggression in young children and travelling with children

This article will provide the most recent research findings and practical updates on young children’s aggressive behaviour. It addresses normal development and signs of aggression, early detection and effective strategies to manage aggressive behaviours. The goals for professionals working in partnership with parents are to...

Aggressive children and prematurity and subsequent temperament and behaviour

Our community holds diverse views about aggression - its desirability; where it is legitimate and where it is not; how it should be dealt with and at what point it is excessive. Few parents and professionals would disagree that a very aggressive young child causes...

Aggression, toys and television and pharmaceutical agents for cough

Helping children to grow into responsible, well-adjusted individuals is a central concern for parents and those working with children. One crucial aspect of adjustment is the ability to solve one's problems and conflicts in an effective, appropriate and non-violent manner. As parents grapple with how...

CAMHS and schools – early action program

The purpose of this document is to provide a program description to inform the development and delivery of school-based early intervention programs for young children with challenging and difficult behaviours and/or an emerging conduct disorder. The CAMHS and Schools Early Action (CASEA) program is an...
Discussion paper

Therapeutic residential care in Australia: taking stock and looking forward

Therapeutic residential care is becoming an increasingly relevant out-of-home care option for children and young people with multiple and complex needs.