Political donations

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Private political donations
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Is Victoria set to legislate the strictest political donation laws in the country?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews claims his proposed reforms to the state's political donation laws will be "the strictest donation laws in the country".
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does Tasmania have the weakest political donation laws in the nation?

The leader of the Tasmanian Greens Cassy O'Connor claims donations from vested interests have a "corrupting influence" on democracy and good governance.
Discussion paper

Eliminating the undue influence of money in politics

Perceived lack of integrity in Australia’s political and bureaucratic processes is partlially due to weak laws regulating the flow and transparency of money in government. This discussion paper includes a 15 point plan to eliminate the undue influence of money in politics.

Grattan Institute submission to inquiry into nationhood, national identity, and democracy

In Australia, trust in government is at an all-time low. The are many causes of declining trust. Globalisation and cultural anxiety are part of the story, as is the changing media landscape. But the actions and inactions of politicians are also part of the problem...

Who’s in the room? Access and influence in Australian politics

Powerful and well-resourced business groups, unions and not-for-profits are influencing policy in Australia to serve their interests, sometimes at the expense of the public interest. Stronger checks and balances on policy influence are needed, to make Australian politics cleaner and fairer.
Discussion paper

Electoral reforms: consultation discussion paper

This discussion paper sets out the proposed levels of caps on electoral expenditure and political donations, as well as the introduction of partial public funding of political parties and candidates as recommended by the independent inquiry.

Inquiry into the options for reform of political funding and donations in the Northern Territory: final report

On 1 December 2016 the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory resolved to conduct an Inquiry under section 4A of the Inquiries Act (NT) into options for the reform of political funding and donations in the Northern Territory (‘the Inquiry’).

Time for the federal government to catch up on political donations reform

While the states are making improvements to their political donations laws and practices, Canberra still has a long way to go.

Advisory report on the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Bill 2017

This advisory report examined the Bill to strengthen the transparency of foreign influence in Australia’s political and government decision making.

Political influence of donations

This inquiry focused upon the level of influence that political donations exert over the public policy decisions of political parties, Members of Parliament and government administration.