Child death


Review into the quality of health services provided by Bamaga Hospital

This report presents the findings of an investigation into the safety and quality of health services at Bamaga Hospital, Queensland, following the death of of a six-year-old Torres Strait Islander boy from Bamaga, Queensland.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Clive Palmer wrong on infant mortality rates

Federal MP and businessman Clive Palmer claims infant mortality rates are higher among Indigenous Australians than in Africa, Asia or South America.

Every child's right to survive: an agenda to end pneumonia deaths

This report presents the causes of pneumonia, the ways to prevent and treat it, and the resources needed to end pneumonia-related deaths. With only a decade left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 3 targets, the report is a stark reminder for stakeholders that resources...

Filicide offenders

This paper describes offenders charged with the murder or manslaughter of their child(ren) in Australia between 2000–01 and 2011–12 to examine the prevalence of risk factors documented in the literature among custodial parents, non-custodial parents and step-parents.

Childhood injury prevention: strategic directions for coordination in New South Wales

In NSW each year, over 40% of deaths of young people aged between 1 and 17 years are injury-related. There are many more child injuries that do not result in death. Overall, the burden of childhood injury is a significant health, well-being and public policy...

An understanding of loss and grief in children and meningococcal disease

At its most fundamental, loss is the experience of disruption or separation from people, places, animals, possessions, dreams or expectations. For a child a loss may be based on safety, comfort and familiarity, rather than what adults speak of as love or affection. Losses in...

Deaths of children and young people, Queensland 2013–14

The deaths of 446 children and young people were registered in 2013–14, representing a rate of 41.0 deaths per 100,000 population aged 0–17 years. Over the ten year period of data collection there has been a general reduction in the rates in the most recent...