Deaf children


Journal article

‘Sometimes they’re gammin, playing tricks, but sometimes it’s ears.’ The perspectives of urban parents and carers of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children on their journey to diagnosis of persistent ear health and hearing problems

This study investigated how access to, and availability of, ear health and hearing services contributes to the burden of avoidable hearing loss experienced by young, urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.
Working paper

Better off deaf?

Sharon Duchesneau and Candy McCullough's decision in the US to seek out and employ a sperm donor with a family history of deafness in order to maximise their chances of having a deaf child raises a number of ethical questions. Do parents have an obligation...

Deafness, gastroenteritis and fever

Deafness is often described as a 'hidden handicap'. Even children who are profoundly deaf may not be diagnosed until the second year of life, or later. By this stage, children have already "missed out" on the early sound input so necessary for their normal speech...