Managing health provider compliance

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Australian Department of Health’s approach to health provider compliance.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: On the money: Mathias Cormann says Medibank Private sale will not raise premiums

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann claims privatising Medibank Private won't cause premiums to increase.

Report to the Australian Senate on anti-competitive and other practices by health insurers and providers in relation to private health insurance

This report analyses key competition and consumer developments and trends in the private health insurance industry between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019, including ACCC enforcement and other actions relating to the health sector.

Young people dropping private health hurts insurers most, not public hospitals

New private health insurance data show young people are continuing to drop their cover. But the industry's argument a youth exodus will put pressure on public hospitals isn't necessarily right.

The impact of climate change on mortality and retirement incomes in Australia

In terms of public policy, this report suggests that the wide-ranging consequences of climate change on mortality, public health and the economy mean that system-wide policy responses (across the health system, aged care services, emergency services, and other social services) are necessary to mitigate the...

Three ways of looking at private health insurance

Hooked on subsidies, the system is failing. The government needs to move beyond its prejudices about public and private financing, writes Jennifer Doggett.

Australia's long term national health plan

This health plan charts the way forward for Australia over the next 3 and 10 years in the key areas of mental health, primary care, hospitals, preventive health and medical research.
Working paper

The history and purposes of private health insurance

Australia’s private health insurance industry fears it is in a death spiral, and politicians need to rethink whether or to what extent taxpayers should continue to subsidise the industry. This paper finds that Australians are increasingly dissatisfied with private health insurance, and policy reform is...

The improvement journey: why organisation-wide improvement in health care matters, and how to get started

This report is a practical guide to developing an organisation-wide approach to improvement. It summarises the benefits of such an approach and outlines the key elements and steps that NHS trust leaders should adopt when pursuing this agenda.

Mental health, discrimination and insurance: a survey of consumer experiences 2011

This report details the results of a survey which captures the experiences of Australians living with mental illness when accessing insurance products and making claims against their policies.