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Social mobility progression report 2022: mind the gap

The study is the latest advancement by KPMG to deepen understanding of social inequalities in the workplace, while sharing its insights with the wider business community.

Working in community legal centres in Victoria: results from the Community Legal Centre Workforce Project - building and maintaining a sustainable workforce

This report explores why people come to work at community legal centres, their experiences and career path, their longer-term aspirations and why people leave, and where they are going. The findings shed light on issues and factors affecting workforce sustainability.

Australian teachers’ perceptions of their work in 2022

This report details findings of the 2022 'Monash University teachers’ perceptions of their work' survey - a study of Australian teachers’ perceptions of their career experiences.

VET and higher education pathways – do outcomes differ for the same occupation?

This report explores occupations that can be entered into via either a vocational education and training pathway or a higher education pathway. It examines whether these individuals do the same job tasks and roles, if there are differences in how well the qualifications prepare them...

Navigating life's career transitions: essential support and services

This report explains the complexities and challenges of the career transitions Australians face and makes recommendations to ensure everyone builds a solid foundation in career management skills.

Working together: the case for universal employment support

This report examines employment support services in the United Kingdom which help people find work. It recommends introducing a new system, the Universal Work Service, which would offer integrated employment support, skills and careers advice services.

Zooming into better work-life balance? Gender and equity insights from New Zealanders’ experiences with working from home

This report assesses the potential implications of the increasing trend towards working from home on wellbeing and career progression, particularly regarding the impact on women.

Australia’s tech jobs opportunity – cracking the code to Australia’s best jobs

This report argues that tech jobs are a key source of social mobility in Australia. They are one of the best and most certain way that any Australian can improve or maintain their standard of living.

Supporting better outcomes – professional career guidance for all New Zealanders

This report draws on evidence from the first eight months of the Direct Career Service (DCS) programme, from October 2020 to June 2021, focusing on its reach and early outcomes for New Zealanders.

Life, disrupted: young people, education and employment before and after COVID-19

This paper explores fault lines that run through the relationship between education and work, such as the contested impact of digital disruption on young people, the rhetoric of soft skills and challenges to the notion of careers, which can no longer be coupled with the...

A novel approach to mapping changes in student attitudes towards science and mathematics in reaction to changes in their learning environment

Micro-surveys of school student attitudes have shown creative, careers-focused learning programs build aspirations and confidence in science and mathematics. This report recommends early interventions to develop students’ understandings of career pathways in secondary school, with a focus on the applicability of subject knowledge across a...

Community media destinations: spotlight on creative industries

This research project interrogates the experiences of people working in the creative and cultural industries - who spent significant time in the Australian community broadcasting sector. Examining the impact of community broadcasting participation on career pathways recognises the historical role that community radio stations have...

The career paths and employment transitions of early childhood education workers

This report analyses the career paths and labour market outcomes of the early childhood education (ECE) workforce. Several data sources are used to complement and cross-check each other.

Career pathways for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce: Northern Territory (NT) workplace case studies report

The Northern Territory case studies spanned urban, regional, rural and remote regions and involved four Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations, and were used to understand people's experiences in the context of their workplaces.

Career pathways for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce: national survey report

This is the first national survey of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health staff across all professions, roles and locations, to better understand the development needs and career pathways within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce.
Position paper

COVID-19: Reshaping working Australia

Everyone living and working in Australia, regardless of citizenship, residency and visitor status, has been affected by the COVID-19 health crisis. This position statement raises eight critical issues that impact people’s careers.
Journal article

Preparing early career librarians for leadership and management: a feminist critique

This article explores the opportunities and challenges that early career librarians face when advancing their careers, desired qualities for leaders or managers of all career stages, and how early career librarians can develop those qualities.

Employment and study outcomes after graduation: an Australian higher education equity perspective

Higher education policy in Australia has contributed to positive outcomes for equity groups, in terms of facilitating access, participation and completion of university. This study looks at post-degree employment and study outcomes for graduates in Australia.
Working paper

A delicate balance: optimising individual aspirations and institutional missions in higher education

This working paper offers an analysis of the interviews undertaken as the first stage of CGHE Project 3.2, with senior managers and academic staff, in eight universities.

Future ready career education: a student focused national career education strategy

To prepare students for their future careers, Future Ready focuses on the importance of building the skills and general capabilities they will need in the workplace, strengthening school and employer collaboration, and developing students' career management and navigation skills.

How to find work in the gig economy

These are challenging and confusing times for graduates trying to find meaningful employment in today’s workplace and their parents. The same goes for experienced people who are losing what they thought were steady jobs and trying to find new jobs in a workplace they don’t...

Hands up for gender equality

This study explores how gender impacts self-confidence and career intentions in teenagers.

Inquiry into career advice activities in Victorian schools

This inquiry considered how well Victorian schools are preparing students to navigate the world of work and where they could improve.

Career progression of Pacific Island people in tertiary institutions

The purpose of this research is to investigate why Pacific allied staff at a tertiary educational institution do not progress into senior roles in New Zealand.

School experiences, career guidance, and the university participation of young people from three equity groups in Australia

Abstract Career guidance and positive secondary school experiences have a significant bearing on equity students’ propensity to enrol in tertiary education. This report provides new, contemporary Australian evidence on the interrelations between equity group membership­, school experiences and university enrolment in young people from advantaged...