Tackling the feral cat pandemic: a plan to save Australian wildlife

This inquiry sought to examine the prevalence and impact of feral, stray and domestic cats, and the effectiveness of various legislative, regulatory and collaborative responses across Australian jurisdictions.

Safeguarding Australia's wildlife

This report presents the results of a qualitative study undertaken by BG Economics into the rescue and care of wildlife by organisations and individuals in the Black Summer bushfires.
Discussion paper

Developing a new Threatened Species Strategy: discussion paper

The development of the new Threatened Species Strategy and Action Plan will be a consultative process, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and the community. This discussion paper focuses on the first stage, seeking public input on priority issues to be considered in the development of the...
Policy report

Devolving extinction?

The Australian government is poised to hand over their national environmental approval responsibilities to states and territories. This report outlines a damning audit of core standards in state and territory legislation and associated case studies, highlighting the need for comprehensive reform at all levels, and...

The extinction crisis in Australia's cities and towns

This report details the little-known prevalence of nationally listed threatened plants and animals in 99 of Australia’s biggest cities and towns. It also documents how much forest and woodland habitat for these same threatened species has been destroyed between 2000 and 2017 under Australia’s failing...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Have more than a billion animals perished nationwide this bushfire season? Here are the facts

An ecology expert from the University of Sydney says the fires burning across Australia have killed more than 800 million mammals, birds and reptiles, and claims that the total is probably "over a billion".
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Are feral cats killing over 20 billion native animals a year?

Environment Minister Greg Hunt claims up to 20 million feral cats are each killing four native Australian animals a night, destroying over 20 billion animals a year.

Koala conservation status in New South Wales

This report quantifies the impacts of recent fire events on koalas in the context of broader population trends across New South Wales over the past three generations of koalas.

National plan of action - seabirds 2020: reducing the incidental catch of seabirds in fisheries

This report outlines the New Zealand Government’s ongoing plan to reduce the bycatch of seabirds in fisheries.
Journal article

The more-than-human city

This paper shows how many natural forces, species, technologies and materialities became entangled in the social, cultural and political life of contemporary cities.