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Exchange rates, remittances and expenditure of households with foreign-born members: evidence from Australia

This paper examines the impact of the depreciation of the Australian dollar on the expenditure of households with foreign-born members in Australia.
Discussion paper

Confidence in Australian banknotes

This paper investigates various factors that might influence the general public's confidence in the security of Australian banknotes, using a unique series of online banknotes surveys conducted by the Reserve Bank of Australia since 2010.
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Where’s the money‽ An investigation into the whereabouts and uses of Australian banknotes

This paper aims to provide an estimate of where the approximately $76 billion worth of Australian banknotes – or $3,000 per Australian – are held, and for what purposes these banknotes are used.

Strategies for addressing the impacts of declining demand for Australian circulating coins

The objective of the audit was to assess whether the Royal Australian Mint’s strategies for addressing the impacts of declining demand for Australian circulating coins are appropriate and effective.
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Inquiry into foreign currency conversion services: issues paper

This inquiry will have a particular focus on the purchase of foreign cash, and the transfer or remittance of money overseas. It will also consider other ways that consumers and small businesses perform foreign currency transactions, such as via credit, debit or pre-paid travel cards.
Working paper

An idea in good currency: collaborative leadership in the national security community

The concept of collaborative leadership has emerged as potentially a new method of operating within Australia's national security community. With the publication of the 2008 Review of Homeland and Border Security (also known as the ‘Smith Review’) and the subsequent Prime Minister’s National Security Statement...

Remittance corridors: Australia to Pacific Island countries

AUSTRAC assessed the overall ML/TF risks associated with remittances sent through remittance providers from Australia to Pacific Island countries as low. This was based on the low level of criminality associated with these remittances and the generally low value of remittances being sent to support...

Cryptocurrency and blockchain explained

This paper provides a brief introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain.
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Meeting your beneficial owner obligations

It is vital to understand the beneficial owners of your customers, so you can protect your business from being exploited for criminal gain. AUSTRAC has prepared this summary of your beneficial owner identification obligations, to help you comply and be confident of who you are...
Briefing paper

New government, new monetary policy framework

This paper discusses the alternatives to inflation-targeting in the post-GFC environment.