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Four year strategic plan 2019 - 2022

This four-year plan is intended to guide Public Libraries Victoria to achieve its goals to be more influencial, to build capability and to deliver value and to achieve excellence.

Creative industries strategy paper

Victoria’s creative economy – of ideas, products, services and practices – includes public libraries. By offering a diverse range of activities and highly inclusive forms of participation, libraries are a vital node in a dynamic creative industries ecology.

Strategic plan 2017-2020 (updated December 2016)

This strategic plan has been developed to help Writers Victoria to grow membership and extend the reach of programs, participants, audiences and impact.

Creative Hobart

The City of Hobart launched its cultural strategy in June 2013 in response to Hobart’s strong traditions in craft and design, the performing arts, music and literature, and growing recognition nationally and internationally.

Collaborating with regional communities: guidelines and tools for regional arts and cultural engagement

These guidelines and tools are to assist those working in regional communities achieve a more rewarding level of involvement in cultural activities. They show how to strengthen decisions, build productive partnerships and develop positive outcomes for both local hosts and visitors to rural, regional and...

Understanding the value of creative spaces

This report presents key findings from a survey of creative spaces throughout New Zealand, intended to provide decision-makers and agencies with information about the sector to better understand how it operates, the services it provides and to whom.

Creative New Zealand: statement of intent 2019 - 2029

Creative New Zealand’s Statement of Intent sets out a ten-year strategic direction to create value for New Zealanders through support for the arts, ways to increase that value and to ensure all New Zealanders – regardless of where they live and who they are –...

Report on the National Local Government Cultural Forum Initiative 2013-2018

This work was recognised by the United Cities and Local Government Committee on Culture, who endorsed the Cultural Forum initiative as one of 120 global ‘good practice’ examples in the area of culture and local sustainable development.

2018 Arts & culture monitor survey report

Culture and the Arts (WA) commissions independent research consultants to undertake an annual survey of WA's value and attitudes towards culture and the arts.

Creative communities: guidelines for developing and maintaining an arts and cultural policy

These guidelines aim to help Councils develop arts and cultural policies. They are designed for people new to policy development, and also to act as a resource for those with more experience or for those reviewing a current policy. They are general in scope and...