Shifting the line: boys talk on gender, sexism and online ethics

This research focusses on online communication between boys and girls, and was framed within a broader context of gender equality and ethics. It seeks to explore new ways of approaching prevention of sexual harassment, violence and abuse, as well as other forms of gendered violence.

Unpacking the Man Box

This study finds young Australian men’s belief in rigid masculine stereotypes has a stronger impact on whether they will use violence, sexually harass women, or experience mental ill-health themselves, than other factors including their education levels, where they live or their cultural heritage.

Masculinities and health: attitudes towards men and masculinities in Australia

This report documents the character of attitudes towards men and masculinity in Australia.

Masculinities and health: a framework for challenging masculine gender stereotypes in health promotion

The Masculinities and Health Framework is a planning tool to support people and organisations promoting health and wellbeing, particularly when working with men and boys.

Framing masculinity: message guide

This message guide contains recommendations that will help you have more productive conversations about masculine stereotypes in Australia. It is based on extensive research undertaken by Common Cause Australia on behalf of VicHealth in 2019 and early 2020.

Masculinities and health scoping review: a report prepared for VicHealth

Informed by VicHealth’s intention to better understand the role masculinity/ies can play in promoting gender equality, this scoping review paper provides a critical discussion of a body of literature pertaining to the concept of 'healthy or 'healthier' masculinities.

Healthier masculinities framework for gender equality

The Healthier Masculinities Framework is a planning tool to support people and organisations promoting health and wellbeing, particularly when working with men and boys.

Men in focus: unpacking masculinities and engaging men in the prevention of violence against women

This document seeks to build on existing primary prevention knowledge and work by developing a deeper understanding of the links between masculinities and violence against women and ways to engage men and boys in prevention efforts.

The Man Box: a study on being a young man in Australia

This study by Jesuit Social Services’ and The Men’s Project, involving 1,000 men aged 18 to 30 has shown that young men who comply with society’s pressures to be a ‘real man’ report poorer mental health, are twice as likely to consider suicide, more likely...

Men more reluctant to go to the doctor – and it’s putting them at risk

Men can expect to die approximately five years sooner than women, and men are more likely to die as a result of unintentional injury and suicide relative to women. These differences are not well explained by physiological differences between men and women. One possible explanation...