Briefing paper

Towards sustainable packaging materials

This briefing from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership provides recommendations for businesses and government to help address the issue of eliminating plastic waste. The publication examines how companies from natural water and soft drinks sector can adopt a considered approach in their future packaging...

Advice on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure – April 2020

Victorians are passionate about recycling but some have lost confidence in the system, with around a quarter of people we polled thinking the contents of their recycling bins ends up in landfill. This report identifies Victoria’s specific infrastructure needs in the waste management sector.
Discussion paper

Cleaning up our act: the future for waste and resource recovery in NSW - issues paper

The NSW government is developing the 20-year waste strategy, which will set the future direction of the state’s waste and resource recovery system. This issues paper identifies the challenges the waste system faces and proposes a vision for the future NSW circular economy.
Discussion paper

Closing the loop: waste reforms for a circular economy – consultation paper

This discussion paper seeks feedback on detailed legislative proposals to improve waste management and support a circular economy for Western Australia. Waste reform options outlined in this paper will be of primary interest to waste industry stakeholders, including occupiers of landfill and waste storage premises.

Waste – Australian state of play

This document seeks to establish the Australian state of play in the waste area, including the national scene, state matters and the exploration of similarities and differences between state waste levies.

Container Refund Scheme - price monitoring review: final report

The Queensland Productivity Commission was asked to undertake a review of pricing impacts from the scheme over the first 12 months of its operation. This report outlines their findings. The underlying policy aim of the review is to ensure that consumer interests are protected from...

The truth about plastic recycling in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2020

A national audit was carried out on the plastic containers in New Zealanders’ rubbish and recycling bins in 2019. 867 households in 8 locations had their rubbish and recycling analysed with the results extrapolated to provide national figures. The findings have been released in this...

Recycling market situation: summary review

Sustainable Resource Use was commissioned by the federal government to undertake a literature review of opportunities to grow markets in recycled glass, plastics and rubber, and paper and cardboard. This paper reviews the state of the market, the roles of governments, brand owners and retailers...

Inquiry into recycling and waste management: final report

The focus of this inquiry is about recycling and waste management in Victoria, particularly in the wake of changes to the export markets and the impact these changes have had on participants in the Victorian industry and on the Victorian community.

Recycling and resource recovery infrastructure

Infrastructure Victoria has released its early findings for public comment in developing advice to government on how Victoria can build a better recycling and resource recovery industry. This paper outlines the options that are available.