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Women's health



This girl can – Victoria: year 4 campaign report (2021)

VicHealth has encouraged and motivated women right across the state to become more active, through 4 years of this behaviour-change campaign. This report outlines how women responded to the ‘new normal’ during the coronavirus pandemic, with over 340,000 women inspired to get active at home...

Involved from the beginning

This is the final report from Women with Disabilities ACT’s 2021 'COVID-19 Outreach Project.' Findings demonstrate that women with disabilities in the ACT have experienced an exacerbation of pre-existing disadvantage.

National women's health survey 2020

The 2020 Jean Hailes Women’s Health Survey is the sixth annual survey implemented nationally by the organisation to better understand the health experiences, needs and behaviours of women living in Australia.

National Cervical Screening Program monitoring report 2020

The National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) is one of Australia’s three population-based cancer screening programs. This is the second report to monitor the National Cervical Screening Program since it introduced 5-yearly HPV tests in 2017.

The health and welfare of women in Australia's prisons

The number of women in Australia’s prisons is growing and it is becoming increasingly important to understand the health and wellbeing needs of the female prison population. This report shows that women entering prison often come from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a history of substance use...

This girl can – Victoria: year 3 campaign report (2020)

This Girl Can – Victoria is shifting the way women see themselves (and others) being physically active and building a community of supportive and empowered women across Victoria.
Briefing paper

Improving the uptake of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Australian hospitals

Breastfeeding is a normal biological process and protects the health and well-being of mothers and babies. Yet breastfeeding continues to be undervalued by society, and in Australia women face multiple barriers to breastfeeding in the home, community, health care system and workforce. The Baby Friendly...
Policy report

Policy brief: Women’s mental health in the context of COVID 19 and recommendations for action

This policy brief summarises the evidence for the impact of COVID-19 on women's mental health, and makes recommendations for government actions to better support women’s mental health during the COVID-19 response and recovery.

National Cervical Screening Program monitoring report 2019

This is the first report to monitor the National Cervical Screening Program since it introduced 5-yearly HPV tests in 2017. In 2018, among women aged 25–74, 1,795,395 had an HPV test, and 9% of all screening HPV tests performed were positive for HPV types that...

How can we better reach women and girls in crises?

This report proposes an approach to ensure that the extensive capacities of the U.S. government in the areas of maternal health, reproductive health, family plan­ning, and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response are no longer left on the sidelines in crisis response and recovery.

National women's health survey 2019

The Jean Hailes Women’s Health Survey is an annual snapshot of the current health behaviours, knowledge and information needs of women living in Australia. Bringing to light findings that indicate specific gaps can help guide providers of health services and information for women in Australia...
Policy report

Western Australian women’s health and wellbeing policy

This policy document is the result of extensive consultation and considered commentary from a large number of organisations and individuals across the Western Australian health system and community. It aims to provide direction to the health system and its partners on how best to deliver...

Analysis of cervical cancer and abnormality outcomes in an era of cervical screening and HPV vaccination in Australia

This is the third report from an Australian-first project, combining screening, cancer, death, and HPV vaccination data to demonstrate the effects of screening and HPV vaccination on cervical cancer and precancerous abnormalities and to discern cervical screening behaviour.

Endometriosis in Australia: prevalence and hospitalisations

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that can be painful, affect fertility and lead to reduced participation in school, work and sporting activities. The condition cost an estimated $7.4 billion in Australia in 2017–18, mostly through reduced quality of life and productivity losses (Ernst & Young...

Discussion of female genital mutilation/cutting data in Australia

This report discusses existing and potential data sources on female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in Australia, identifying opportunities to enhance and develop systematically collected data collections.

A theory of change in sexual and reproductive health for Victorian women

The document outlines a Theory of Change (ToC). It was primarily developed to guide the collective and individual work of the Women's Health Services (WHS) and to track progress towards the vision for the rights of all Victorian women to optimal sexual and reproductive health...
Journal article

Lessons from the renewal of the National Cervical Screening Program in Australia

Australia was one of the frst countries to make the transition from cytology-based to HPV-based cervical screening.This analysis of the national program’s transition to a new model looks at the lessons learnt that can provide valuable insights to other settings.

Cardiovascular disease in women

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of illness and death. With increasing recognition that aspects of its prevention, treatment and management are unique to women, this report focuses on the impact of cardiovascular disease on the health of Australian women.
Working paper

Sexual health and economic empowerment of young women and girls in Cuba: exploring the role of social norms

This literature review brings together evidence on the linkages between social norms and sexual and reproductive health (SRH), as well as between social norms and women’s economic empowerment (WEE). The focus is on Cuba, but broader evidence is presented from the Latin America and Caribbean...
Journal article

How do health practitioners in a large Australian public hospital identify and respond to reproductive abuse? A qualitative study

Reproductive abuse is defined as a deliberate attempt to control or interfere with a woman’s reproductive choices. There is a dearth of research on reproductive abuse, particularly qualitative research. This study aims to address this gap by exploring how health practitioners in a large Australian...