Drying up: what to do about droughts in the People's Republic of China

This publication consolidates the highlights from several recent ADB technical assistance studies that relate to improving disaster risk management and water resources management in the China. The studies provided good references for examining how the PRC could holistically and simultaneously address its issues of water...
Working paper

The impact of free trade agreements on business activity: a survey of firms in the People's Republic of China

The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) has emerged as a major player in the global economy and considers free trade agreements (FTAs) an important part of its global trading strategy. The PRCs export industries are embedded in existing regional and global production networks and are...
Journal article

Loyal to the Crown: shifting public opinion towards the monarchy in Australia

Abstract Over the past half century, the Australian public has remained divided on the issue of whether Australia should retain the monarchy or become a republic. Clive Bean found that there had been remarkable stability on the issue and evidence of a long-term trend away...

Australian head of state

The Australian Sex Party supports the abolition of the British Monarch as Australia’s constitutional Head of State and the establishment of an independent, sovereign republic with an Australian Head of State.
Conference paper

The republic and its impact on property rights in Sydney

This paper offers a theoretical inquiry into the institutional arrangements to enable an innovative land restitution model for Sydney within a new Republic, by vesting the superior interest in land (and buildings thereon) in the stewardship of the customary indigenous guardians (rather than the State...

Gregory Phillips on the Republic and Aboriginal peoples

Overview: What should an inclusive, modern Australian nation-state look like? With Australians generally disengaged from the political system and Aboriginal peoples not properly included in the first place, the Republic movement is perhaps the perfect avenue to address some of these issues. Anthropologist and lecturer...

Should New Zealand become a republic?

The recent visit to New Zealand by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has ignited the debate about whether New Zealand should become a republic or remain governed by the Monarch. During the tour, many opinions were put forth including one by Prime Minister John...

UNHCR monitoring visit to the Republic of Nauru 7 to 9 October 2013

UNHCR undertook a visit to the Republic of Nauru from 7 to 9 October 2013 to assess the progress by Australia and Nauru in implementing their commitments under the 1951 Refugee Convention since UNHCR’s December 2012 and March 2013 visits and to review the reception...

Tracking the push for an Australian republic

In the Australian Senate on 23 June 2003, the South Australian Senator Stott Despoja, also on behalf of Senator Bolkus, moved: (1) That the following matters be referred to the Legal and Constitutional References Committee for inquiry and report: (a) the most appropriate process for...

A review of the health leadership and management capacity in Lao People's Democratic Republic

This review describes the current state of health leadership and management capacity and issues that affect management performance at the district level in Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR or Laos). A review and analysis of the health management and leadership capacity issues that affect...