Video republic

Cheap digital technology and broadband access have broken the moving-image monopoly held by production companies and broadcasters. In its place a new theatre of public information has emerged. It is a messy, alternative realm of video creation and exchange that extends across the internet, television...

Energy conservation in the People's Republic of China: Fiscal measures

The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has demonstrated a strong commitment to conserve energy, resources, ecology and the environment; and enhance institutional capacities for sustainable development. It has also emphasized the intent to adopt fiscal and taxation systems that are conducive to...

Trust matters: politics, trust and the republican cause

Whether born or bred republican, it has long been a truism that the political views of young people are greatly influenced by their parents, particularly the more vocal and influential parent (which is not always the father, mind you). Rebecca Huntley discusses the current generation...

Republic of the Philippines Country Brief

Australian development assistance to the Philippines has almost doubled over the past decade. This increase in assistance reflects Australian support for the restoration of democracy in the post-Marcos years and recognises efforts by the Philippines Government towards economic reform and poverty reduction.

Republicanism: a trap for progressives?

The new republicanism seems a much more attractive model than neo-liberalism, especially for lefties in search of a home after the failure of certain Gods. All that is required, it appears, is more democracy in more places so that individuals feel that their state belongs...

The republic, citizenship and the politics of culture

Paul Keating argued that making Australia a republic would resolve the issue of our national identity, and his republican ideal was multicultural. But the republic did not eventuate, and nearly a decade on multiculturalism is under attack. So where does that leave national identity, asks...

Bridging the gap between gender analysis and gender-responsive budgets: key lessons from a pilot project in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Past research has often analysed the gendered impacts of government budgets, but not many projects have attempted to change the budget decision-making process. In this paper Rhonda Sharp and Sanjugta Vas Dev examine a project in the Republic of the Marshall Islands that sought to...

An Australian republic

In his submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee inquiry into an Australian republic, George Williams outlines immediate priorities that could be achieved by legislative rather than constitutional change, as well as the process by which an Australian republic might be achieved.

Interpreting globalisation using Taylor's communitarian-republican model

This paper by Glen Lehman explores the liberal logic that is used to promote globalisation, and relies on Charles Taylor's communitarian republicanism to consider how it might be possible to moderate some of its more obvious adverse global effects. More particularly, the article explores liberal...