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Crime by outlaw motorcycle gang members during club conflicts

This study examines the trends in and spatial distribution of recorded offending by Australian outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) affiliates at the onset of a territorial conflict between two clubs in the state of New South Wales.

The Dutch approach to outlaw motorcycle gangs

This paper provides a brief overview of the problem of outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Netherlands, and describes the different aspects of the Dutch whole-of-government approach.

Regulatory approaches to preventing organised crime among outlaw motorcycle gangs

This study explores the impact of a regulatory approach to organised crime in Queensland which restricted outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members from working in certain industries.

Early-career offending trajectories among outlaw motorcycle gang members

This study examines the criminal histories of outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members during adolescence and early adulthood to determine whether the profile of young members has changed over time.

The organisational structure, social networks and criminal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs: literature review

Outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) are often reported to be disproportionately involved in crime. This systematic review of the existing literature was conducted to examine the organisational structures that underpin the criminal activity of OMCGs

Criminal mobility of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia

The criminal mobility of outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members presents a significant challenge to Australian governments and police. This study examines the prevalence and patterns of criminal mobility in a sample of almost 4,000 OMCG members in more than 400 chapters.

The changing culture of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia

This study examines changes to the internal cultures of Australian outlaw motorcycle gangs, based on the perceptions of former members. The findings give unique insights into a closed, secretive and at times violent and criminal set of clubs, and highlight important trends relevant to law...

Effects of outlaw motorcycle gang membership and the support needs of former members

Drawing on interviews with 39 former members of outlaw motorcycle gangs, this research identifies consequences associated with leaving the club and the effects of membership experienced before and after leaving.
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Fact Check: Do Sudanese people account for only 1 per cent of crimes committed in Victoria?

A brawl in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood has reignited the debate about crime in Victoria and, in particular, offending by African Australians. But lawyer and social justice advocate Nyadol Nyuon claims that the majority of crimes in Victoria are co
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The clothes have no emperor! Reflections on the crisis of violence in Lyari Town, Pakistan

This report seeks to decenter the dominant discourse of criminality and gang-violence which has become wedded to Lyari Town, Karachi, Pakistan.
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Fact Check: Are Queensland's new bikie laws too harsh to survive in other states and territories?

Former NSW public prosecutor Nicholas Cowdery claims Queensland's tough new bikie legislation would be "totally impossible" to pass in the ACT and Victoria, where human rights charters are in place.

Organised crime in Australia 2013

This report provides the most comprehensive contemporary profile of serious and organised crime in Australia. The report provides the context in which organised crime operates in Australia and gives an overview of each of the key illicit markets and the activities which fundamentally enable serious...

The relationship between crime and gaming expenditure in Victoria

This study investigates the relationship between gaming expenditure and crime in Victoria, especially income-generating crimes like theft, fraud, break and enter, forgery, false pretences, larceny and robbery.
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Gangs in New South Wales

In this report Roza Lozusic explores what youth gangs are, how and why they form, and how they're preceived by the public. She examines the ethnic gang debate in NSW, and outlines the legislative and other initiatives targeted at gangs, in particular those aimed at...