Conflict of laws

Briefing paper

Delegated legislation: flexibility at the cost of scrutiny?

​This e-brief outlines the purpose of delegated legislation, and how it is used in NSW. It then outlines criticisms of delegated legislation and provides key statistics for both the NSW and Commonwealth Parliaments, before discussing existing scrutiny measures in the NSW Parliament.

International conflict triggers and potential conflict points resulting from food and water insecurity

Over the next 40 years, there is a high probability of a global food and water crisis. This will result from population pressures, an increasing shortage of fresh water and a decline in access to arable land. The result will be demand exceeding supply due...

Standoff between Brandis and solicitor-general threatens the rule of law

On Wednesday, a Senate committee took evidence in an inquiry investigating the issue of a direction from Attorney-General, George Brandis, to the solicitor-general, Justin Gleeson. By the end of the day, the shadow attorney-general, Mark Dreyfus, was calling on Brandis to resign for misleading parliament...
Blog post

What would be the impact of Brexit on UK media regulation?

With the terms of Brexit pending, Lorna Woods, Professor of Media Law at the University of Essex, discusses the possible impact that Brexit will have on media regulation in the United Kingdom. Woods claims that while the UK may gain some freedom of choice on...

Next-gen jihad in the Middle East

Current turmoil in the Middle East is incubating a new generation of jihadists, and represents a serious threat to Australia’s security, argues this report. Executive summary The current turmoil in the Middle East is incubating a new generation of jihadists. Syria has become a magnet...

Building peace in Bougainville: measuring recovery post-conflict

Description: This discussion paper documents the socio-economic status of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the extent of rebound in investment and access to services since the cessation of conflict there in 1997. Data on the level of income, the age profile of the population...

Papua update: the latest on Otsus Plus

This report examines the latest draft law on special autonomy in Papua, the politics behind it and how it might feed into Indonesia's coming national elections. Overview: The idea of a new law on enhanced special autonomy (otsus plus) for Papua is still alive, but...

Fifty years after the Sino-Indian conflict, will the “Asian Century” see a new confrontation?

This paper argues that the India-China great power rivalry is shaping up to be the story of the first part of the twenty-first century. Key points: The fiftieth anniversary of the 1962 war comes at a time when India, now a rising power, is enhancing...

Simplification of jury directions project: a report to the Jury Directions Advisory Group August 2012

Jury directions are extremely complex and sometimes unintelligible, argues this report, which recommends ways to simplify and reform the jury direction process in Victoria. This report considers in detail a number of areas of law which currently give rise to jury directions which are extremely...

The role of VET in workforce development: a story of conflicting expectations

This final report is from a three-year research program that examined the dynamics of workforce development and explored the challenges in maintaining viable labour flows in the child care and meat processing industries. The paper highlights the lack of receptiveness for workers in the meat...