Corporation growth


Gender Equity Insights 2020: delivering the business outcomes

The 2020 Gender Equity Insights report, the fifth report in this series, shows that more women at the top proves better for business. Profitability, performance and productivity increase under female leadership.

Billionaire bonanza 2020

In this report, the authors show how billionaire wealth has grown astoundingly over the last few decades — and, for some “pandemic profiteers,” even more dramatically since the COVID-19 crisis.

Growing the UK's creative industries: what creative enterprises need to thrive and grow

The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK economy. This report aims to get to the heart of the issue: what do creative enterprises understand by growth, how fast are they growing, and what prevents them from growing more?
Working paper

Accounting for big city growth in low paid occupations: immigration and/or service class consumption

Growth of 'global cities' in the 1980s was supposed to have involved an occupational polarisation, including growth of low paid service jobs. Though held to be untrue for European cities, at the time, some such growth did emerge in London a decade later than first...

Australia’s productivity growth slump: signs of crisis, adjustment or both?

This paper examines the sources of the decline in Australia’s productivity growth since the record highs of the 1990s, focusing on the last two complete productivity cycles (ending in 2007-08). It offers a different perspective by looking for a general or macro-economic explanation and then...

Low carbon growth plan for Australia 2011

This report finds that the amount of domestic greenhouse gas emissions cut by the Government's carbon price package could be double that predicted by Treasury. This flows not just from the carbon price itself, but from the impact of the full suite of complementary measures...
Discussion paper

Issues paper: House of Representatives Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralisation

This paper provides an overview of some recent research into regional development and decentralisation, and highlights gaps that may warrant closer examination by the Select Committee.
Briefing paper

Briefing paper 4: endogenous growth and local competitiveness

This report provides a detailed examination of the role of broader scale socio-economic processes and place-based competitiveness in accounting for local employment growth for member of the Western Australian Regional Capitals Alliance (WARCA) over the period 2001- 2011.

State growth outlook 2013

This study presented the outlook fot the Western Australian resources sector in 2013. It flagged some troubling economic signs, as well as increasing energy and infrastructure needs.
Journal article

Raising corporate social responsibility - the legitimacy approach

Discussing the normative arguments for the development of corporate social responsibility is difficult but important. It is difficult, as any argument for the development could be detrimental if it seems that it could narrow the scope of innovation in business and becomes a barrier to...