Iraq War (2003-2011)


The Australian Army and the war in Iraq 2002 - 2010

This report, written by Albert Palazzo, an Australian Army official, details Australia’s participation in the Iraq War. Once classified 'secret,' the report was released with 500 redactions and referred to by the Army as an 'unofficial history that reflects the author’s own views.'
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John Howard: Iraq war report 'contains a lot of judgements that I don't accept'

Former Prime Minister, John Howard, oversaw Australia's entry into the Iraq war in 2003, as part of US President George W. Bush's 'coalition of the willing.' In the wake of the Chilcot report, which is critical of the UK's role in the Iraq invasion, he...

The report of the Iraq inquiry

In this Executive Summary, the Inquiry sets out its conclusions on a number of issues that have been central to the controversies surrounding Iraq. In addition to the factors that shaped the decision to take military action in March 2003 without support for an authorising...
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Australia's decisions to go to war should be made in Parliament: former army chief

Peter Leahy, director of the National Security Institute, was chief of the Australian Army when it went to war in Iraq in 2003. He speaks with Kim Landers about the findings of the Chilcot report into the UK's presence in Iraq and about Australia's role...
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Expeditionary warfare in the age of global terrorism: a critical assessment of Britain's war against Al Qaeda

The war against Al Qaeda and its allies may well become the defining conflict of our age. Certainly it is cited as evidence of a transformation of war that is sweeping away older modes of warfare. This paper seeks to explain the reasons for the...

Iraq: issues on the eve of war

This paper examines the objectives and plan of the US in post-Saddam Iraq and the Middle East. These include the humanitarian and security problems and the regional and wider impact of a war on Iraq.

War in Iraq: preliminary defence and reconstruction costs

As the major combat operations of the war in Iraq appear to be drawing to a close, it is important to put in context the financial costs of Australia's military contribution. This Current Issues Brief gives some preliminary estimates of military costs up to now...
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Legality of use of force against Iraq

The leader of the federal opposition, Simon Crean, asked the Gilbert and Tobin Centre to provide an opinion on the legality under international law of the use of force by Australia against Iraq in the absence of a further Security Council resolution. The centre concluded...

"Operation Bastille": forces and likely tasks for Australia's contribution to the war in Iraq

The commitment of significant numbers of Australian forces to Operation Bastille for a potential war in Iraq marks a significant departure from recent practice. This could be the first time since World War II that Australian forces move to participate in a military conflict without...