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Melbourne Docklands: it's a class remake but it ain't classy

This paper examines the effects of gentrification and redevelopment on Melbourne's Docklands.
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Urban regeneration and social cohesion

This paper presents early findings from the case study, looking at the impacts on a local community, of an urban regeneration programme in Auckland, New Zealand.

Planning cultural creation and production in Sydney

This research was commissioned to assist the City of Sydney in developing an up-to-date, wide-ranging understanding of its future needs for creative space, especially with regard to cultural creation and production.
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Neighbourhood change and neighbour relations: how gentrification and densification influence the prevalence of problems between neighbours

In academic research, neighbour relationships are generally viewed as either absent – having been gradually eroded by processes of mobility and privatisation – or as positive in the way they engender greater levels of community resilience, neighbourhood attachment and reduced fear of crime. Yet, less...
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Housing displacement in Australian cities: a Brisbane case-study

This paper explores housing insecurity and displacement within the case-study of Brisbane the impact of these factors on low to middle income households; and the implications for planning policy and practice at the metropolitan scale.
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Understanding city fringe gentrification: the role of a 'potential investment gap'

This paper approaches the gentrification debate from a somewhat different position. It argues that gentrification, seen as the replacement of lower status and income households by higher status and income households, can occur outside the inner city.
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Global space or local place? The Port Adelaide waterfront redevelopment and entrepreneurial urban governance

The impending waterfront redevelopment of Port Adelaide is a local manifestation of a global phenomenon. Through a carefully managed place marketing process, the Port’s industrial landscape is to be reconceptualized as a future landscape of cosmopolitan consumption and professional occupancy.
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We aren't going beyond the city gates: community agency and inner city affordable housing.

Brugmann (2009) argues that the most progressive cities have developed their own practices of urbanism from the grassroots up. This paper examines grass roots resistance to top-down gentrification and urban renewal policies made by governments.
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The changing port-city interface: moving towards sustainability?

In this paper, it is argued that the recognition of changing urban contexts, awareness of environmental issues, fair processes and a comprehensive redevelopment plan are essential to garner community support and to avoid piecemeal redevelopment.
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The consequences of the creative class: the pursuit of creativity strategies in Australia's cities

The paper frames the potential benefits and pitfalls of incorporating creative cities ideas into urban governance structures and their reception by community and NGO groups, both in terms of the incorporation of these ideas into policy and practice, and in terms of their unintended social...