Google, Facebook and New Zealand news media: the problem of platform dependency

This report provides important data on the relationship between web platforms and New Zealand news organisations. It gives an overview of Google and Facebook’s position in the New Zealand media market, media companies’ website traffic patterns, and an assessment of media companies’ dependency on traffic...

Protecting Google from defamation is worth seriously considering

Google has lost a High Court appeal in defamation litigation brought by Michael Trkulja. It is time to consider that extending "safe harbour" to Google may be a good idea.
Audio interview

ACCC details scope of Facebook, Google probe

The ACCC is set to investigate the "bargaining power" of the Internet behemoths and whether that's affecting the quality and range of news supplied to Australian consumers.
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We need European regulation of Facebook and Google

With Facebook coming under significant scrutiny for its perceived role in the US election as a conduit for fake news and hate speech, Leighton Andrews argues that the social network and its fellow tech giant Google should be regulated at an EU level as dominant...

Why is Google buzzing?

IF YOU ARE ONE of the 150 million or so people who use gmail and you’ve checked your gmail account over the past week, you will know that Google has quietly launched its own version of Facebook, a social networking site called Buzz. If you...

Google econometrics and unemployment forecasting

This European study presents an innovative approach to short-term forecasts of unemployment using data on Google search words, which allows them to predict unemployment trends as early as one month before the official figures are released by the Federal Employment Agency. In times of crisis...

Gauging the great Google game plan

Despite setbacks in the lucrative China market earlier this year, the Internet search engine company Google continues to grow and grow. So what exactly is its game plan? And why is it being referred to as a future Microsoft rival?