Shared virtual environments

Second Life

Gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items

Gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items, called 'loot boxes' for the purposes of this inquiry, are included in some video games to provide players with away to obtain virtual items for in-game use.
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Issues for corporates and regulators in Second Life and virtual worlds

The Federal Government has recently relaxed regulations governing the more mature media/information distribution platforms, however rapid advances in distribution technologies may require regulation by the Government. This regulation of media distribution may move into areas previously unknown to traditional media law such as taxation, money...
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Virtual worlds and the 3D web: Australian policy debates in Second Life

Research indicators point to a 3D Web encompassing online virtual worlds in which users form communities, do business and create and sell virtual products. The current number of participants in such environments is estimated in the tens of millions. This new web environment brings with...
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The immersive internet: New models and lead users in Australia

The move to develop new visualisation tools for online activities is a response to the complex systems of our expanding, informationalised world and the realisation that graphical representation improves our ability to navigate and make sense of it. But when such tools are combined with...

Second Life: how may it augment our first (learning) life?

This report on Second Life is structured in five parts. Part 1 gives a short outline of what Second Life is. Part 2 details current and potential use of Second Life in pedagogy. Part 3 addresses Second Life in relation to research and creative practice...