Industrial efficiency


Creative clusters and innovation: putting creativity on the map

It has long been recognised that industrial clustering benefits businesses by giving them access to skilled staff and shared services, and the opportunity to capture valuable knowledge spillovers. This is equally true of creative businesses, as exemplified by Hollywood, or closer to home by a...

Enhancing energy efficiency in China: assessment of sectoral potentials

This book uses energy and economic models to assess the potential for further energy-efficient improvements in the transport, building, industry and power sectors of China. The report starts with a modelling assessment of the role of energy efficiency in supporting China to achieve its Intended...
Technical report

Energy costs and export competitiveness: evidence from Australian industries

Energy costs’ impact on industrial competitiveness is not well known in Australia. This paper investigates this question empirically by undertaking a two-part analysis.
Journal article

Ambiguity aversion in buyer-seller relationships: a contingent-claims and social network explanation

Negotiations between buyers and sellers (or suppliers) of goods and services have become increasingly important due to the growing trend towards international purchasing, outsourcing and global supply networks together with the high uncertainty associated with them. This paper examines the effect of ambiguity aversion on...

Transpacific airline fuel efficiency ranking, 2016

This report compares the fuel efficiency of 20 airlines operating nonstop flights between the mainland United States and East Asia and Oceania. It extends the previous transatlantic fuel efficiency methodology to the transpacific market. Highlights

Industry 4.0 testlabs in Australia

This report provides a detailed overview of the relevant resources, findings and recommendations resulting from the work of the Industry 4.0 Testlabs Working Group of the Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 Taskforce during 2016–2017.

Energy efficiency and productivity strategy

This Victorian government strategy outlines actions in three areas: energy efficiency and productivity in business, housing and a transition to high efficiency buildings.

Energy efficiency 2017

This report found that the world continued to generate more value from its energy use in 2016, but argues that the current level of efficiency gains will erode quickly if the pace of policy delivery does not accelerate.

All change: why Britain is so prone to policy reinvention, and what can be done about it

This report examines three policy areas which have experienced near-constant upheaval: further education, regional governance and industrial policy.
Journal article

Legal regulation of 'decent work': evidence from two big industries in Bangladesh

In most developing countries, the overall quality of the livelihood of labourers, work place environment and implementation of labour rights do not progress at the same rate as their industrial development. To address this situation, the ILO has initiated the concept of ‘decent work’ to...