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Computer games
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Video games
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Gambling on games: how video games expose children to gambling

The presence of gambling and gambling technologies in video games is widespread, pernicious and often hidden. This report identifies four different categories of gambling– gaming crossover, each of which poses different risks and may need to be addressed in different ways: immersive and addictive technologies...

Playing for the planet: how video games can deliver for people and the environment

This report summarizes recent, relevant, global developments in the video games sector, perspectives from over 50 thought leaders from the industry, and stand-out examples of world-class games. It extracts recommendations for how the video game industry, gamers, policymakers and UN Environment can together ‘Play for...

Gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items

Gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items, called 'loot boxes' for the purposes of this inquiry, are included in some video games to provide players with away to obtain virtual items for in-game use.
Discussion paper

Independent games and the remaking of the 'fringe'

This issue of CAMEo Cuts offers a new take on the enduring idea of the cultural ‘fringe’.

Australian Government response to the Environment and Communications References Committee report: Game on: more than playing around

The Australian Government notes the report by the Environment and Communications References Committee (the Committee) Game on: more than playing around. The Government has also responded to the Senate Economics References Committee’s report on the Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System. In its response, the Government...

Game on: more than playing around

This Senate report provides an overview of key aspects of, and developments in, the Australian video game development industry.

From reel to unreal: future opportunities for Australia's film, animation, special effects and electronic games industries

This report on the film, animation, special effects and electronic games industries considers the need for Australian films to generate more audience appeal, the benefits of developing and exploiting intellectual property rather than relying on fee-for-service work and some of these industries’ future opportunities.
Conference paper

Gamifying adult literacy learning with apps: reflections on the ‘state-of-the-art’ to the ‘state-of-the-actual’

The purpose of this paper and session is fourfold. Firstly, we outline an enduring educational and social problem, poor levels of literacy amongst some adults, including students in higher education, and a potential innovative solution – the gamification of literacy learning. The problem of literacy...

Is it gambling or a game? Simulated gambling games: their use and regulation

Simulated gambling games mimic the characteristics of gambling games but do not provide an opportunity to stake, win or lose real-world money. People who play simulated gambling games are more likely to gamble commercially and report gambling problems. The convergence of gambling and gaming alongside...

Convergence of gambling and gaming in digital media

This study explores the convergence between gambling and gaming and the implications it has for young people. The study reports gambling and gaming are converging. Gambling products are increasingly incorporating gaming themes and elements, such as elements of skill. Video games may imitate gambling (as...