Policy report

Global trends in climate change litigation: 2019 snapshot

This policy report provides an overview of current issues in climate change litigation, focusing on selected cases and developments from May 2018 to May 2019.
Discussion paper

Inquiry into class action proceedings and third-party litigation funders: discussion paper

The ALRC invites submissions in response to the proposals, commentary, analysis and questions in this discussion paper, which examines the increased prevalence of class action proceedings; the importance that costs in these matters are appropriate and proportionate; and the need to protect the interest of...
Interactive resource

Just Transitions: actions and outcomes in activism for a just transition from fossil fuels in Australia

A new platform mapping environmental conflicts developed by RMIT urban researchers helps to support just transitions from coal to clean energy without disadvantaging workers and communities.

Suing into submission: using litigation to quell dissent

The common law assumes that private individuals only take court action to protect their private interests. The common law also assumes that the only party who approaches the courts to uphold the public interest is the Attorney-General. Both these assumptions are now outdated and wrong...

Civil litigation by citizens against police between 1994 and 2002

Jude McCulloch and Darren Palmer investigate common law actions in tort in Australia brought by citizens against police and police organisations. This report represents one of the first attempts to describe, understand and analyse the nature and extent of civil litigation against police in Australia.

Ending felon disenfranchisement in the United States: litigation or legislation?

The Australian Parliament recently tightened section 93 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act to provide that a person serving a sentence of three years or more may not vote in national elections. Australia is not the only democratic country to debate the question of continued felon...