Political cartoons


Cartoonists go back to class

A new collection of cartoons reveals a struggle to find the comic essence of Malcolm Turnbull Our current prime minister (I write on 2 June, in the third millennium of the election campaign) is the subject of two unauthorised biographies, one of them by the...

How political, satirical cartoons illustrated Australia's workchoices debate

Political cartoons are a ubiquitous form of satire which assists the public to interpret political life. This study examined the tone and content of 107 political, satirical cartoon images published in mainstream Australian newspapers in 2005 and 2006.

In defence of cartoonists' licence to mock

Should cartoonists restrain their satirical instincts to protect public confidence in politicians, parties, and democratic institutions? Or are their 'little incendiary bombs' a crucial form of political communication? Haydon Manning and Robert Phiddian argue that cartoonists should have free 'licence to mock'. Also available: a...

Cartoonists and political cynicism

This article by Michael Hogan is designed to open up a fairly untested area in the study of politics -- asking whether the impact of political cartoons is all benign, or whether an unrelieved diet of negative images may perhaps contribute to the level of...