Uranium mines and mining


Closing Ranger, protecting Kakadu

The Ranger uranium mine, which has operated since 1980, is surrounded by the dual World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. This report reviews the 2020 Ranger Mine Closure Plan and finds the objective that a rehabilitated site be incorporated into Kakadu National Park is being...
Briefing paper

Uranium mining and nuclear energy in New South Wales

The main focus of this paper is to provide Members of Parliament and the New South Wales public with an overview of the key issues surrounding uranium mining and nuclear energy in NSW.

Mulga Rock uranium project: uneconomic and unlikely

This research finds that the proposed Mulga Rock uranium mine is unlikely to be in the WA community interest. Aside from the environmental risks inherent in uranium mining, the feasibility study for the proposal uses improbable market scenarios and does not illustrate a credible range...

Report 151: treaty tabled on 28 October 2014 - agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of India on cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy

Foreword According to the Mineral Council of Australia, our country possesses 30 percent of known global reserves of uranium ore. Australia can become the world leader in supplying fuel for low-carbon emission base load electrical power in rapidly expanding economies looking to secure their energy...

Australia's uranium

With the release of the draft Switkowski report 'Uranium mining, processing and nuclear energy—opportunities for Australia?' and the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry and Resources report 'Australia's uranium - greenhouse friendly fuel for an energy hungry world' the use of nuclear power to...