Food packaging


Consumer perceptions of the role of packaging in reducing food waste

This industry report reviews the existing literature to scope the recognised knowledge in the fields of food packaging and food waste relating to consumers’ expectations, to inform food producers, packaging designers and retailers in their strategies and educational campaigns.

Phasing out plastics

Building on recent literature about plastics and climate change, this report explores the potential for extensive emission reductions in the plastics sector.
Briefing paper

Towards sustainable packaging materials

This briefing from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership provides recommendations for businesses and government to help address the issue of eliminating plastic waste. The publication examines how companies from natural water and soft drinks sector can adopt a considered approach in their future packaging...
Journal article

Waste not, want not: a bio-economic impact assessment of household food waste reductions in the EU

Highlights Assessment of food waste reduction impact needs to include economic and biophysical indicators. Economy-wide models as proposed in this paper can account for all market and non-market impacts of reducing food waste. Reducing households' food waste increases savings; it decreases agri-food production and to...