Older women


Not simply business as usual

This report provides insights from Money For Jam, a micro-enterprise initiative for older women.

Vital conversations: giving older women in greater Melbourne a voice

Through this research, older women have been given the opportunity to provide their insights and share their experiences about living in Melbourne. The research highlights seven key themes important to older women as they age, including social connectedness, financial security and family and generational change.

Between work and care: older women's economic empowerment

Women’s economic empowerment has gained increasing attention within the global development agenda in recent years, bolstered by the adoption of a range of relevant targets within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. Yet the specific experiences of older women often remain underexplored and unrecognised...

Welcoming social wellness

This research aimed to examine and understand older GSD (gender and sexuality diverse) women’s experiences and needs related to health, aged-care and social support services. In particular, this project sought to explore how access and engagement with services was related to women’s sense of community...

Retiring into poverty

This document outlines the issues facing older women living in housing insecurity or homelessness and identifies needed changes to policies and programs.

Time of our lives? Building opportunity and capacity for the economic and social participation of older Australian women

This unique and powerful report gives voice to the more than half a million older Australian women living in long-term income poverty. These women have given so much to the Australian economy during their younger lives as workers and carers but find themselves struggling to...

Why Australian women over 55 aren’t exactly enjoying the time of their lives

The implications for women of the world’s rapidly ageing population are profound. The gender inequalities they have experienced throughout their lives cumulate and become more visible as they grow older. Australia lags behind most other developed countries when it comes to the economic and social...