Bank capital


Journal article

New Zealand Reserve Bank reform: phase 1

Significant reforms were introduced to the Reserve Bank Act in late 2018 as part of a two-stage review, notably an expanded mandate and a committee decision-making structure. This article reviews the changes in the light of global and domestic challenges to central banking emerging since...
Briefing paper

The regulatory capital framework - Impairment, provisioning and enforcing security: background paper 13

In response to a request from the Royal Commission, APRA has prepared this paper on the effect on an authorised deposit-taking institution’s (ADI) Tier 1 capital, where a loan is classified as impaired, a provision is raised and enforcement action against the loan’s security is...
Policy report

New Zealand: financial system stability assessment

Recommends ways to improve the strength of New Zealand's financial sector and the regulatory framework.
Working paper

Monitoring risk in the financial system using time series methods

SRISK methodology recently proposed in the literature is refined and extended. The refinement is to define systemic risk using a formalised stress testing framework including a stress function. Baseline risk and the stress risk are in terms of the ordinary and stressed expectation. Stressed expectation...
Working paper

Role of loan portfolio losses and bank capital for Asian financial system resilience

This paper analyses the systemic risk in relation to bank lending for Asian economies. The methodology complements existing market-based systemic risk measures by providing measures based on accounting information that regulators typically collect. Loan loss provisions of banks are decomposed into (i) a prediction component...
Working paper

Ratings-based capital adequacy for securitizations

This paper develops a framework to measure the exposure to systematic risk for pools of asset securitizations and measures empirically whether current ratings- based rules for regulatory capital of securitizations under Basel II and Basel III re ect this exposure. The analysis is based on...
Working paper

Market discipline and Basel Pillar 3 reporting

In this paper we examine the role of Basel Pillar 3 risk reporting in improving market transparency. Pillar 3 reporting requirements vary widely across countries; most banks in Europe release Pillar 3 risk reports annually after their annual reports are published and information contained in...