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Australian federal election 2016

Australian federal election policies 2016

Policy principles

For us, policies are all about principles that guide our actions. These principles are set out to inform Australians of our legislative views. Items shown under 'Examples of what needs to be done' are indicative only and parliamentary members and candidates are encouraged to propose...

Analysis of informal voting: House of Representatives 2016 election

Following the 2016 general election, the AEC undertook an Informal Ballot Paper Study to analyse the levels and types of informal voting. The national informality rate (informal votes as a percentage of all votes cast) decreased from 5.91 per cent of all votes cast in...

Voter turnout: 2016 House of Representatives and Senate elections

Turnout at the 2016 House of Representatives elections (91.0 per cent) was the lowest recorded since the introduction of compulsory voting ahead of the 1925 federal election, finds this analysis. Turnout at the 2016 Senate elections (91.9 per cent) was the lowest recorded since the...

Federal election 2016: Reissue #2

This paper provides a comprehensive set of statistical tables regarding the 2016 Federal election held on 2 July 2016 and updates the Senate tables, previously published in the papers Federal election 2016 (initial results) and Federal election 2016—Reissue (showing the 2017 special counts in Western...

Report on the conduct of the 2016 federal election and matters related thereto

This report addresses the remainder of the issues from the 2016 election. It looks at the effects of the double dissolution election and the Senate voting reforms. With the voting reform measures proving successful, the report considers the need for improvements to the count methodology...

Australian Electoral Commission’s procurement of services for the conduct of the 2016 federal election

This audit was conducted to assess whether the Australian Electoral Commission appropriately established and managed the contracts for the transportation of completed ballot papers and the Senate scanning solution for the 2016 federal election.

Could Tony Abbott have won the 2016 election?

One of the most vexed questions about the last election, at least among conservatives, is whether Tony Abbott could have won if he had remained prime minister. And the answer? No, he couldn’t have. At least, not if you accept newly released findings from the...

ECCV submission to the Victorian Electoral Matters Committee's inquiry into electronic voting

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria Inc. (ECCV) is the voice of multicultural Victoria and the peak policy advocacy body for eight regional ethnic community councils and up to 220 members including ethnic and multicultural organisations across Victoria since 1974. For over 40 years, we...
Position paper

Redfern statement: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations unite

We are here today, the 9th of June 2016, in Redfern where in 1992 Prime Minister Paul Keating spoke truth about this nation – that the disadvantage faced by First Peoples affects and is the responsibility of all Australians.