Australian federal election 2016

Australian federal election policies 2016
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Redfern statement: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations unite

We are here today, the 9th of June 2016, in Redfern where in 1992 Prime Minister Paul Keating spoke truth about this nation – that the disadvantage faced by First Peoples affects and is the responsibility of all Australians.

Post-election report of election commitments: 2016 general election

The Parliamentary Budget Officer is required, within thirty days after the end of the caretaker period for a general election, to prepare a post-election report of election commitments. For each designated parliamentary party, the post-election report presents budget impacts of election commitments that would have...
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ECCV policy analysis on federal election commitments to seniors from non-English speaking backgrounds

What are politicians saying at this Federal election in relation to seniors from multicultural backgrounds? As part of The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria’s (ECCV) policy advocacy on behalf of seniors from non-English speaking backgrounds, ECCV wrote letters to the Greens, Australian Labor Party, and...
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Election promises on transport infrastructure projects lacks business case: Grattan Institute

Billions of dollars worth of spending has been promised during this election campaign on transport infrastructure around the country. Now a Grattan Institute analysis of the promises has found many of the projects have no business case whatsoever. The research also highlights that viable projects...
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Let property grow the economy

Property touches the lives of all Australians. As the nation's biggest industry, property creates prosperity, jobs and strong communities. Property is both a major part of the household balance sheet and the Australian economy - and one of the few industries enjoying sustained growth. That...

Brandis v Dreyfus: the 2016 pre-election legal affairs debate

In the run-up to the 2016 federal election, the Pre-Election Legal Affairs Debate featured the Attorney-General, Senator the Hon George Brandis QC, and the Shadow-Attorney-General, the Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP. The debate explored the policies of the Coalition and the Australian Labor Party as...
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Climate policy credibility assessment: federal election 2106

Ahead of federal elections, The Climate Institute does an assessment of the major parties' policies. In mid 2016, we find that all party policies need work to become credible, scalable and durable. Policies are 'credible if they explicitly link to shared, meaningful, climate outcomes with...

Higher education – independent commission

A Shorten Labor Government will work with our universities, industry and science agencies to get the incentives right to meet the needs of the future economy. From skill shortages in key occupations to productivity-driving opportunities in new industries, universities will be encouraged within the existing...
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Australian Computer Society 2016 federal election manifesto

The Australian Computer Society, – the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector – has released its Federal Election Manifesto, identifying five key policy areas that must be addressed if Australia is to secure its economic future in the information age. 1. Digital skills and digital...

Smart cities

Key Commitments Australia’s cities are home to the majority of our population and responsible for more than 80 per cent of national economic output. Liveable, accessible cities with clean environments are now essential economic assets. In the knowledge economy, people are our greatest resource, and...