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Liberal Party of Australia: Review of the 2022 federal election

In May 2022, the Federal Executive of the Liberal Party of Australia requested a review of the reasons behind the Party’s defeat at the 2022 federal election, and to make recommendations to assist the Party in rebuilding. This report outlines the findings from that review.

Liberal Party of Australia: our plan

This webpage provides access to a range of policy initiatives that the Liberal Party is taking to the 2022 federal election.

Protecting our environment

This web page outlines how the Liberal Party intends to protect Australia's natural environment.
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Fact Check: Tony Abbott says Victoria's coronavirus lockdown is the most severe tried in the world outside Wuhan. Is he correct?

Former prime minister Tony Abbott labelled Victoria a "health dictatorship" and called for its COVID-19 restrictions to be eased, claiming the state responded to its second wave of coronavirus infections with "the most severe lockdown tried anywhere in the world outside of Wuhan". Verdict: Mr...
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Fact Check: Craig Kelly says Australia had more rainfall in the first 20 years of this century than the first 20 years of last century. Is he correct?

At the height of Australia's recent bushfire crisis, Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly made the rounds of national and international media outlets, arguing against the long-term drying out of the Australian landscape.
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Fact Check: Peter Dutton says 250 have been charged with arson. But the data tells a different story

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton says a spike in arson offences was to blame for this season's devastating bushfires. But there is no evidence to show arson was even moderately responsible.
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Fact Check Fact File: Some Coalition MPs say that arson is mostly to blame for the bushfire crisis. Here are the facts

Social media is rife with claims that unprecedented levels of arson, not climate change, is the main cause of this season's bushfires. But what does the data show?
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Fact Check: Is the CFMMEU the most unlawful organisation in the history of Australia's industrial laws, as Christian Porter says?

As the Federal Government seeks support for tougher union penalties under its proposed Ensuring Integrity Bill, Attorney-General Christian Porter has repeatedly criticised the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union, or CFMMEU, labelling it
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Fact Check: Have emissions fallen since 2005, and are they the lowest they've ever been, as Liberal MP Katie Allen says?

Liberal MP Katie Allen says the Government has "done a great job" at reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and claims they have fallen since 2005 to reach a record low in 2019.

Is the Morrison government ‘authoritarian populist’ with a punitive bent?

The Morrison Government’s authoritarian policy agenda has a punitive element that has become more evident since the election.
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Fact Check: We fact checked Scott Morrison's speech to the United Nations

On the world stage, Prime Minister Scott Morrison argued Australia was taking real action on climate change and achieving results. But can the Government take all the credit?
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Fact Check: Malcolm Turnbull says renewables plus storage are cheaper than coal and nuclear for new power generation. Is he correct?

Amid debate over climate change, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull claims that renewables plus storage are cheaper than new coal and nuclear power, which he calls "the current weapon of mass distraction for the backbench".
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Fact Check: Do Australians lack protection against religious discrimination?

Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman claims there is no law that prevents people from being discriminated against on the grounds of their religious beliefs, and says there is a "missing link" in Australia's legal regime.
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Fact Check: Why our trains and roads are likely to remain congested, despite immigration freeze

The Coalition has promised to ease the pressure on Australia's major cities by imposing a "freeze" on immigration levels. So why does the Government's own budget predict an increase in new migrants over the next four years?
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Fact Check Fact File: Matt Canavan says hook turns are a 'stupid way' to manage traffic. Are they?

Minister for Resources Matt Canavan claims no city other than Melbourne uses hook turns, which he says are "stupid". But research shows hook turns are an effective way to manage traffic where trams run in the middle of the street.
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Fact Check: Are more than 90 per cent of Newstart recipients receiving other benefits, including the Parenting Payment and Rent Assistance?

Despite calls from within its own ranks, the Government has firmly opposed increasing Australia's main unemployment benefit. Defending this position, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg claims that Newstart is unlike other welfare payments because "people who recei
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Fact Check: The Coalition wants you to believe the force is strong in the economy, but is it?

Australia was one of a tiny handful of countries that weathered the global financial crisis, notching positive annual growth throughout. But how it is faring now is subject to debate.
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Fact Check: Why Luke Howarth's claims on homelessness in Australia get mixed verdicts

Assistant Minister for Homelessness Luke Howarth says he wants to put a "positive spin" on homelessness, and claims that not only are very few people homeless, but on several measures the numbers are improving.
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Fact Check: Are there really 54,000 people employed in thermal coal mining?

Nationals Party Deputy Leader Bridget McKenzie says coal exports will remain critical to regional communities and the economy, and claims that the thermal coal industry employs 54,000 people.
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Fact Check: Scott Morrison says his Cabinet maintains a record representation of women. Is he correct?

With a number of new faces promoted after the Coalition's election victory, the Prime Minister claims that the number of women in Cabinet remains at a record high.
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Fact Check: Scott Morrison says all cancer treatment is free in public hospitals. Is he correct?

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has challenged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to match Labor's 2019 election pledge to cut out-of-pocket costs for cancer patients. But Mr Morrison claims cancer treatment for public hospital patients is already free.

AMA election policy overview 2019

This policy overview lists how the major parties have responded to the AMA’s health policy wish list - Key health issues for the 2019 federal election.

Our plan to support Indigenous Australians

This document, released a few days before the 2019 Federal election, addresses the Morrison Government's plan to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to provide the same opportunities as for every other Australian.

Little to choose: comparing foreign policies of the major parties

As the federal election draws near, where the major parties and their candidates stand on foreign policy has been fundamentally absent from the public debate. A comparative analysis of the Coalition and the Labor Party’s positions on key foreign policy issues shows there is little...

2019 Federal election: report card - arts and cultural policy

Live Performance Australia has published this assessment of the arts and cultural policies of the major political parties contesting this year’s federal election.